Monday, August 10, 2015

Sweet Corn and Summer

Keeping busy on my end. We had the first ears of corn out of the garden last night and they were so tender that we ate them raw. One of my favorite garden treats.

Summer here is divine. No rain since May; I really miss the seasonal rains and thunder, but why wish for the moon when you have the stars?

My daughters have been visiting several times a week to paint with me. I love that. Usually, I work in the journal when they're here.

I also have a little project going on in the studio. Well, a big project, actually.
A canvas that's 45x60" that I'm adding to on a daily basis and then posting the results on Facebook. My plan is to see what happens in a month.

I'm 5 days into the project and the results so far are pictured above.
It's scary to go into the woods in public so to speak. Because nearly every painting has its awkward stages.

We've kept up the family hikes on Sundays.

Dont know what got into me on this one above. I tried to make it family friendly.
Almost didn't post it but then I know you all have a sense of the absurd along with me.

I've been practicing calligraphy too. I never got very good at it but love to shape the slow letters.

Mount Raung only 90 miles from Bali has been spewing all summer, forcing the airport to close and stranding tourists there. 
My comadre Kathie Vezzani has been watching nervously as she doesn't want to lead over a dozen of us into danger, ashfall or inconvenience. 
What a huge responsibility she has. 
Anyway, she finally made a decision to cancel our Bali trip that was scheduled for mid-September.

As a result of that, she and I are offering a 3 day class at her studio in Gig Harbor, Washington during the time we would have been in Bali. 
Please feel welcome to join us there as we explore indigo and enjoy each other's company. 
Kathie's given you all the details here and she will be preparing her fabulous meals for us ... swoon!

Thank you for stopping by. Stay well, stay connected, stay beautiful.


Michele R. Unger said...

Wish I could join you and Kathie but September is impossible. Have a fine time!

Kim Mailhot said...

Beautiful high summer times. How wonderful that you are sharing art time with your daughters! Love love love that! Wish I could be adopted by you! 😉
I'm sure you and Kathy will make magic wherever you gather!
Big love to you, inspiring one!

Bev said...

Beautiful post Judy love your pages and your little green garden set is sister was stuck in Bali for an extra week in lovely to have your daughters paint with you....

Parabolic Muse said...

45 x 60 ?!!!?! A person could WEAR that canvas!! Well, I couldn't, but some people could.
I am yearning to get back to abstracts and acrylics... one day...

YOU are fabulous, and COMPLETELY SFW (suitable for work). I love her, sailing on a cloud.

So, Cathie and I are going to be up in Portland next April. So don't make workshop plans, you busy girl. Or, you could try to make travel plans expressly for that reason! however, you'll have to book the whole month because we aren't sure which week, yet. HAA!

(leave little things around for me to put in my bag, okay? our secret.)