Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Part 3: Sydney to Albion Park to Jervis Bay

So from Melbourne I flew to Sydney. In my planning at home I imagined I could drive from Melbourne to Jervis Bay but when I saw the reality of the mileage it became apparent that it would be more efficient to approach it from the north. My kind friend Jacky made the arrangements through her travel agent and soon I was northward bound.

You are looking down at the bush. Inpentrable eucalyptus forests as far as the eye can see. Up close you wonder how explorers ever mapped such a terrain. Think of the spiders in there alone. I saw TWO Huntsman spiders, one in Melbourne and one in Sydney. Both times in the city. Both times on the window of the car I was in. They are BIG my friends. Fast too. Yeeeargh.

So Virgin Airlines to Sydney.

An easy hour and a half long flight.

Rented a car, schlepped in my FOUR pieces of luggage and off I drove.

(Note to my friends making this trip next year: pack brutally light. My second bag on my trip home cost $200 on Qantas and it was a drag to haul around. I didn't really need 4 pairs of shoes.)

So then I drove. On the left side of the road.

Past the Dr. Seuss forests.

Under the sheltering gum trees.

To Albion Park where my dear amiga Trish Seggebruch is staying with her husband John and son Daniel. 

We squealed. Pinched each other. Said things like, "look at us! We're in Australia!" It was one of those moments.

All during this trip I was inspired by women who are at home in the kitchen and this was no exception. Trish was making cookies when I arrived. She put out a gorgeous meal of lamb shanks (?) while we visited. She even has a son who cooks! 

Daniel made us this delicious chocolate dessert after supper. Thank you Daniel!!

And then we four played Bananagrams. Which I have located here at home and bought - what a fun game.

 I slept like a queen at Trish's and then early night morning I was up and on the road again. But not before making some "what if" plans for the future. And while I'm on this subject, if you aren't already signed up for EncaustiCamp in July you will surely want to make the effort to come and meet both of us there. It's going to be the best! 

On the road south once more.




And driving.

Until at last I reach the beaches of Jervis Bay.

And arrive at the beautiful home of she-who-makes-dreams-come-true.

She is special. If you've met her you already know.

If you haven't, let me assure you that her heart is warm, open and sincere.

Tracy Verdugo. She's an amazing talent and a gifted teacher. I felt so welcomed and happy in her company. I'll get to that in the next post.

Here is the doorway to her magical studio. 

During my stay at Jervis Bay we saw this young kukaburra.

 This red parrot.

The sheltering eucalyptus.

and this ...

the awesome roo. Lots of them in fact.

They are peaceful creatures.

More to come about the Cold Wax Class, adventures with Tracy and captures of Jervis Bay. 

I love Australia.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Melbourne Part 2

This is one of the reasons you choose Qantas. They still serve meals in coach. Free booze. Free movies, TV, music. Snacks in between the meals. Blankets, pillows, eye shades, toothpaste and toothbrushes. 

In Honolulu on the way home I switched to a U. S. Carrier. Not only did they charge for every potato chip but I had a seat in the row in front of the emergency exit that did not recline. Very uncomfortable for a 5 1/2 hour flight. 

So Qantas. Yay Qantas.

Back to food. Sandwiches in Melbourne.

Friends in Melbourne.

Coffee and cookies in Melbourne.

Are you sensing a theme?

Smoko (morning tea) in Melbourne. Or coffee in my case.

If I'm not eating I'm looking at food through the glass cases.

Architecture. Fabulous!

The Yarra River runs through the middle of town. Every great city deserves a waterway.

Looking through the webwork at the National Gallery of Victoria breezeway.

And the windows that wind up and up.

Beautiful street lamps and the Eureka tower on the right. 12th largest residential building in the world.
A beautiful structure.

You can take a buggy ride.

And there are some interesting houses to admire.

Like these.

With iron "lace" work.

And chimneys that you won't find in Kansas.

I took some shots of the Aboriginal art.

Which were humbling.




Lee and Jacky; sisters extraordinaire. I couldn't resist sharing this photograph. Lee's telling us how to take the trains to get downtown. I just want to hug them both.

Ditto Ro and Xavie. Ro preparing our lunch. Xavie is helping.

And these lovely women who meet once a week to sketch in Ro's studio. What a treat to join them.

Lastly, a few shots of cold wax painting in progress.

The work above shows the color palette chosen by our youngest student. So cheerful.

Everyone has a different approach. That's part of what fascinates me about cold wax.

The work is so individual.

My next post will be about flying to Sydney, renting a car and driving to Albion Park. 

On the left hand side of the road. Negotiating the round abouts. Marveling over the dense eucalyptus forests, hills and roadways of southeast Australia.