Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring At Last

Baby, I stayed away too long. Nursing a cold over here and have been buried under preparations for the online Painting Faces class that starts on Monday. I mean buried. Shooting and re-shooting video, purchasing a new video camera mid-way, deciding to add music after I'd uploaded all the video online.

I'm still on the fence about music in the background. We all have different tastes. It can be distracting. But it can also get you in the groove. So maybe music on half of them. We'll see.

Things are getting lively around here. John's up early with his babies. 

Precious. Holy. My dream man. 

Here's how you know if you have a good man. If you are a better person because of them. 

The yard is a riot of color and growth. Plum blossoms.

Peonies coming up out of the ground.

Flowering Quince.

Daffodils of every color and size.

Roses with a shocking vigor.

I spent the weekend at Fort Worden with a few women who had the ghosts of Artfest past on their minds. We did our best to recreate a bygone era and it was beautiful. I know I use that word too much. But it was. Precious others. Little bits of ourselves in other bodies. I love how we all complete each other.

Spent the week doing laundry, being sick with a yucky cold, cleaning the studio after the huge mess I made during the last month and doing my journal practice.

Facebook. Yeah, it makes me feel connected to so many artists out there who work alone most of the time like I do. 

I read about the loss of privacy and how the corporations are spying on us and all of that but I think it's almost worth it for the closeness I feel with others. It isn't like Mexico where you can step out your door and see so much life going on.

When I step out my door I see cows.


Thanks for not giving up on me. I'll try to get here more often. I have plans. Free tutorials, things like that. Life just sweeps me along. xo