Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not Until March

In response to a number of inquiries - I've decided to hold the Mixed Media Journaling class in March instead of January. I'm not quite ready yet and I don't want to rush any thing that's going to be as much fun as this is going to be. I love preparing for these classes, poring over all the details and doing the best I can for you.

So I'll put up a formal announcement and sign up button some time in January.

This class is going to be a combination of visual and written exercises. In my shorter in-person journaling classes I never have enough time to really delve into the deep core strengthening work that is afforded by writing so in this class we will be doing more writing along with the mixed media. I'll tell you more later; this is just to let you know what's coming. xo

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Rumination

Quiet afternoon following Thanksgiving. Vanilla tea with almond milk. Sun shining and crisp blue skies. Autumn graces the studio, garden and home.

We are warm inside. Give thanks.

Our family gathered for the feast here at Grandmother's cottage. My precious precious.

Kind and beloved grandson.

Minor additions to the big panels and I think they're done.

The bounty of the garden - give thanks.

The little cloche.

Which protects the green cilantro.

The nodding sunflowers, giving up their seeds to the hungry birds.

A house filled with laughter.

Swiss chard still colorful for morning smoothies.

Wooly mullein.

Witchy shapes.

A new painting called "Turn" about the changing season.

The sides are pretty too. 12"x12"

Shocking beauty in the underbrush. 
For all of this and so much more we give thanks.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Slowly, November

It's been quiet in the studio since the online class ended. I sort of threw myself over the finish line and curled up in a ball. I had planned to do a journal class in January but that was before I knew how satiated I would feel. Now I just want to lie back and stare at the ceiling. 

Four weeks of being consumed by the computer; tunnel visioned and in suspended animation. Is this how gamers feel?

Anyway, I'm starting to wiggle my toes again and wanted to make an announcement.

The Hot Wax eBook is available for pre-order and will be out to you in time for Christmas. Twenty days of encaustic lessons; you can read what a few of the students had to say at the link. I'm so proud of it. I can recommend it whole heartedly to anyone who wants to know everything I know about wax.

The persimmons are nearly ripe and most of the leaves have blown off the tree.

The studio waits patiently.

Pink lemons; a new fruit this winter in our stores. The outside is green and yellow stripes; really pretty. They taste like a cross between a lemon and a lime.

The tree by our driveway; another kind of lemon. That green rosebush under it was covered with lavender roses this spring; a completely different palette. Fall is so wistful.

I think I've spent only 2 days in here in the last month.

Still working on these guys. Slowly. Slowly I go. xo

Thursday, November 03, 2011


Just when I think I'm never going to get back into the studio again the angels come and gently lift my mood and mysteriously I think I just maybe can do it again and then I find out I can. The two panels above are only underpaintings; I'll serve up additional versions in the coming days but I'm so grateful to feel open again. It is such misery when I am not painting.

Once again my so called students are inspiring me. First the plaster players and now the waxing busybees have me jonesing to get back in the wax and plaster. It's either a drought or a flood; funny how that works. 

The journal of course helps me keep my momentum even in the dry periods. 

And woo hoo for me. I ventured out with John on a "date" to Guardino Gallery for an opening where I had a painting on display. It was a wonderful, spooky occasion and a beautiful show. The "ghouls" are Stephanie Brockway and Tori Brokenshire; it was fun.

We've been eating lots of salsa from the tomato and pepper crop.

I never get tired of pictures of produce.

or food!!

That's all I got for you today, friends. I'm planning Thanksgiving and practicing gratitude every day. Thanks for stopping by. xo