Friday, October 26, 2012

Paper Dreams

A few journal pages to share.

I'm busy again in the studio.

It's good. I'm happy again. Making plans, bustin' moves.

I'm heading over to Margaritaville, I'll take pictures to share.

Besos. Be back shortly.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fires in the Woodstove

Oh, I am a BAD blogger. Gone are the days when I posted nearly a dozen times in a month. Now I can barely manage a drive-by and I blame it all on my computer. Between the blogs I follow (probably yours!) and the Facebook and Pinterest entertainment half my day is gone. That only leaves a few hours to fling paint around and put a salad together for supper. Oy!

So I filched Stephanie Brockway's photo off of Facebook showing the wall with my paintings at Guardino Gallery. The opening is Thursday night from 6-9pm (Portland, Oregon). I'll try to make the opening but I'm getting ready for more travel so we'll see.

I think it's going to be a terrific show. Both of my paintings are encaustics done on wood panels. Very Day of the Dead, showing my Arizona and Mexico roots.

I've been playing in the cold wax too; preparing for the November workshop here. I spoke to a friend this morning about the difference between painting in acrylic and cold wax. For me one is a challenge (acrylic non-representational) while cold wax is easy, almost play.

My Calvinist streak thinks art should challenge. Another voice tells me it should be natural, enjoyable, that one shouldn't be creating "art" but instead should be having an experience that is human. Sometimes I wish I'd never gone to art school. Those voices argue within me.

I made a couple of journals this week too; one for myself and one for a friend. This is mine; acrylic on the cover but using the techniques I use with cold wax.

My love affair with books continues unabated. I think the last thing I'll ever do is write in my journal. It's my meditation and ground.

John planted out the garlic today; 4 varieties of both soft and hard necked. He and I canned 56 quarts of tomatoes this year. That's about all we can use in a year. The rest of the tomatoes went to friends and family.

The walnuts have born well this year so those have been in the dryer along with grapes and plums. 

Most of the squash are gathered in and the corn which we grow for tortillas. John does some magic with lime (nixtamalization). Good stuff.

I've been drooling paint in my paper bag journal when I get bored and out of sorts as I've found myself in the past week for who knows what reason. I certainly have nothing to complain about; a little spot on my tongue was found to be benign although the removal and week of not being able to eat because of stitches in my tongue was anything but pleasant. Health is everything, at any age.

So here is a recent journal page where I was crabby but trying to keep myself entertained. I sincerely hope you aren't given to dark moods. I don't know where they come from and I wish they would not visit me at all.

Besos y abrazos.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Gentle October

Don't you love October? Golden autumn days, lazy summer coming to an end with crisp evenings and warm afternoons. On Sunday we borrowed our neighbor's apple press and made over 6 gallons of juice from our Spitzenberg and Northern Spy apples. If you know apples you know what a treasure those varieties are.

My man comes from a long line of orchardists. His grandpappy had a big spread of orchards down in Ashland, Oregon. We have a picture of grandpappy up in the tree just like John is in this photo.

Our daughter and son-in-law came over to help us with the pressing. Shellie took over the squeezing operation while John picked and Rich and I cut and culled. It was a wonderful family day.

At the end of the day we were all tired and hungry and settled in for a big taco feed. And apple juice. (grin)

We had the perfect day. Such a gift it was.

Then this morning I picked up my new iPhone and shot this arty photo through the dining room window.

I'm still swimming in memories of my time in North Carolina. Dear Kim sent me some of the moon shells that I fell in love with and even made me a necklace with a moon shell set in a bezel on a chain with pearls. I feel like a real mermaid when I wear it. (thank you again, Kim)  We're cooking up future fun on her coast for 2013. I LOVE North Carolina.

I stopped by my friend Marla's Atelier to discuss the last minute necessities for the cold wax class I'm teaching there next month. There are 3 openings so you still have time to join us. I'm more in love with cold wax than ever. It is so malleable. And if you already paint or do encaustic it is a great medium to add to expand your repetoire.

Here is my most recent painting; "Orange Crush"- 24x30" on wood panel. You really have to click on the image to see the detail, it's subtle. My new quiet style. 


Joyful color.

I could eat it. xo