Friday, September 04, 2015

My Month of Paintings

So in my last post I shared with you the first 5 versions of my month long challenge to myself to paint daily on the same painting. 
I can hardly remember why I started this challenge to myself other than that I had a failed painting on a 48x60" canvas that I didn't know what to do with. 

So I threw that canvas on the floor on the first day and just started painting meandering lines on it. And then one thing just sorta let to another. It was fun. Addictive.

On some days the changes I made were ghastly. So I decided to accept that. Believe me when I say it wasn't easy to accept the ugly. The badly composed. 
My inner critic was howling but I sat him in a corner and continued.

To make it even harder, I started posting the results on Facebook every day so that all my uglies hung out for everyone to see. 
As the wonderful Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson said on her site long ago, I had my underpants on my head. That brave.

I wanted to stop several times.

This version for example.

But by then the friends on Facebook urged me on.

"Joy, joy, destroy" as my idol Carlito says.

I destroyed.

And overcame fear.

I rose again.

And was glad I'd had courage.

Was able to get out a lot of silly.

And watch as things rose up ...

faded away ...

and became other things.

I grew tired of it at times.

But kept going.

Went off in some real strange directions.

And found that I didn't care any more.

I had lost some essential part of me that was fearful.

That always held me back.

Tomorrow I'll show you the last 2 days.

Thank you for witnessing my journey. 
I hope you find a way to realize your dreams if they are good ones. 



Joan Tucker said...

yes yes to process and personal creative growth

Dona Mara said...

Judy....this is an amazing progression, what fun to see it day by day. A tremendous learning, cannot wait for the ending!

Unknown said...

So amazing to watch this journey of yours! Thank you for sharing!

Lynn Cohen said...

I'm wondering if ones you hated are ones I love and can see becoming cards or prints in themselves! I like so many of these and would have shouted STOP! STOP NOW! But on you went and there were more that I liked again ... and again ... and again ... What a fun way to paint. Finally you much have a wonderful lot of texture and a wonderful outcome, I can't wait to see!

Unknown said...

I have LOVED watching this adventure. So when's the book coming out? :)

-Nancy aka madhabitz

Michele R. Unger said...

You are such a standard bearer for those of us who follow behind! So brave (underpants on the head brave---I LOVE that!). 'Inspiring' is often overused, but not in this case. You have inspired many others to try your month-long technique, as I have seen on Facebook, and you have inspired me for years now. I carry you around on my shoulder and try to listen to your sensible (and oh-so-kind) voice when I am stuck or looking at ugly work I have labored over. I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am of you for sharing this process, warts and all, to lead by example and to tell all of us, "Be brave. Experiment. Try! Push yourself Learn from your mistakes. No whining, just put in the work and do your best."

Thank you, sweet Judy, standard bearer par excellence!


Galia Alena said...

This has been fabulous to watch- inspiring and intriguing. So much so that I am putting this on the calendar for January (declaring it here- and so it is), when the days are longer here and the studio in the garden more inviting- thank you for the inspiration and sharing your journey.

Tingle said...

This has been incredibly fun to watch and you've inspired so many of us to paint along with you. Maya and I are finding our way over here and butting up against the same things you did. Coming into contact with our gremlins, disloyalty, fear, joy, the drama of fragility and the letting go, always the letting go. Thank you for paving the way. Can't wait to see #30. xo

Seth said...

I find this so very fascinating Judy. I love the idea and applaud you for going through with it -- even with the doubts that came your way. I often say that there is no rule that any layer along the way is guaranteed to be beautiful. And in fact, the opposite is often true. But somehow I can find the beauty in everyone of your layers.

Kathie Vezzani said...

Yes to joy joy destroy!

Traci Bautista said...

Judy..I came here from Seth's blog. LOVE seeing your progression through the month...beautiful! Every layer shares an intimate moment inside your art making inspiring! Thanks for the peek inside your studio. xo~Traci

creativelenna said...

Thank you so much! You are very brave. I think that's important.
I'll be back! I look forward to see how it finished up. :0) awesome journey!

Jo Murray said...

This is a process I'm hell-bent on trying. Oh how you've been through so many different mind-sets! It's a lesson on how not to be too precious about what we do.

Anna Bartlett said...

Oh, dear Judy Wise! It has been many years since I followed your blog religiously... probably two children ago - and now the youngest is 6! And I had occasion to think of you this morning and search you out again. How wonderful to see what you've been up to... what you're now creating! I have missed you without realising it (and that, in itself, is odd as of course, we have never actually met.) So delighted to see and read about your current work and practice. You make me sigh with your sweetness and adventurous spirit, and smile with your talent and enthusiasm for life. Thank you for that gift this drizzly morning here in Australia. xxx

lila said...

You constantly impress me with your evolving creativity, curiosity and enthusiasm for all things!

Angie Bumgarner said...

I need to try this challenge.

Jo Murray said...

Such courage! I'm inspired.

Rosann said...

Amazing process! I'm inspired to do this...

Anonymous said...

WOW, what a change that you and your canvas has gone through. I can't wait to see the finished painting!