Monday, January 06, 2014

Welcome to 2014

Sunny and pleasant in Oregon today while the rest of the country is huddled to stay warm. We had our cold weather about a month ago; I hope that's the end of it for this winter. But hey, I'm headed off to 80 degrees so after a miserable day in economy I'll be in the clear. But I'll be thinking about winter. Ugh. It tries us.

I've been painting every day. Painting and writing and visiting online. That's my survival plan for winter.

And reading. Just finished Quiet. And before that Random Family. Those weren''t novels. Saving the novels for Meh-hee-ko. That and more Spanish classes. Study study study. For minimal improvement but I keep trying.

John and I are both doctoring it up. Him for some serious changes in his eyes and me for arthritis in the thumb of my right hand. My thumb thing came on this summer after the Alabama Chanin hand stitching obsession and it hasn't gone away. I have a brace and instructions to take it easy and I'm doing that. I've worked with my hands all my life so I suppose this isn't a surprise. Production printmaking (hand wiping etched plates), wood-cuts, book making and of course painting have all taken a toll.

For that reason I'm working smaller now.

What this set back tells me though is how fortunate my life has been. 
To have enjoyed good health and a brilliant opportunity to do so much.

Oh, how I love T. S. Eliot in the winter!

Carry on, mis amigos. Keep on making stuff. xoxoxo

PS-- Here I am about an hour later re-reading this and realizing that I almost sound depressed in this update. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. When I'm depressed I'm not painting or doing any of the fun things I've been doing. It's true I'm not a fan of winter but I still get out in my scarf and boots and keep busy and engaged with my friends. I like the hot chocolate, going to the movies and traveling in the winter. So don't think I'm in a low huddle over here 'cause that's not the case. :-D