Friday, June 06, 2014

I Get Obsessed ...

I've been on a sketching binge. It started a year ago but was interrupted after only a month and I didn't get back to it until this spring when I finally had some time on my hands.  

I joined the Urban Sketchers even though I'm a bit of a fraud - never leaving the front seat of my car when I sketch. 
Or just staying home and sketching in my house.

I'm not a natural sketcher. What comes naturally to me is drawing, rendering, watercoloring or painting. 
Think about the differences in those activities. Sketching as I want to practice it is loose, rapid, a brief notation. Those other things are something else.

So before I start I have to loosen up and get into the spirit of the dance.

Anyway, it's been fun. And even though I have a pile of pens I just ordered a Lamy Safari. New pen! Happy!! 
I want to join the Portland Urban Sketchers next month to force myself out into the streets but so far I've always come up with excuses.
 Maybe this will be the year.

Journal pages.

I have more than one obsession.

Yesterday I revisited a journal from 19 years ago. The handwriting was even different. 
It was like visiting with a stranger. She seemed smarter, a better writer, but less emotionally mature. 

My goals for today are to cut roses, do yoga, make a smoothie. Sit in the sun. Paint, draw, write. 
Always a few hours in the studio. It's June. 
Everyone should be as lazy and lower their standards in June I think.
 Here in the northern hemisphere it is the time to exhale, bliss out, and welcome summer.
Ahhhhh ......