Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Spain Looking Back

Home almost 2 weeks now and I've sorted through nearly 800 photographs. We had two groups of women in two separate locations that met in Barcelona for the museums, architecture and tapas, and then moved to quieter locations for the classrooms.

 I'm sharing lots of photos today so instead of commenting on every one I'll just let you browse through a number of them.

I think you've all met Kathie Vezzani and Katie Kendrick, my partners on these travels. Our Spain guide Amy Persons is behind Kathie in this photo above.

We visited the Tapies Museum in Barcelona.

Perfume sniffing. Some smelled funky, others wonderful.

Gaudi everywhere.

Sagrada Familia was excessive. Amazing.

And here is our first group at Parque Guell.

We visited the Miro Museum.

 Joined the celebration of Catalunyan Pride.

And then moved to our first week home at Can Serrat.
Rustic, old, authentic Spain.

Many large canvases were filled over the course of the week.
Katie and I took turns teaching.

Lots of food shared.

In the shadow of Mont Serrat.

Here's where we bought wine straight out of the "barrels".

I took this photo as we left our first location west of Barcelona.

Back to Barcelona. More tapas.

Katie and I goofing off with our phones during rest time.

This is my bedroom at our second location at Can Tallada.
Now we are east of Barcelona in a private villa.
Rustic but not too.

Lovely views from our villa.
All those hedges are trimmed bay leaf trees.
Yes! We had a swimming pool.

One of the kitchens there.

Our classroom.
Again, Katie and I took turns teaching.

We visited a sheep farm and tasted cheeses, kefir and yogurt they made on site.
Really wonderful cheeses.

Katie with a lamb not even a day old.

We toured old cities built by Romans.

And we spent a day at Costa Brava.

Toured several towns where "Game of Thrones" was filmed.

Cuatro amigas.

We visited (and shopped!) in Girona. 
I LOVE this town.

Basquiat and Keith Haring. Lots of art explored.

Katie and I in the Mediterranean at Costa Brava.
Memories we will treasure forever.
Come join us on one of our trips before I get too old - lol.
Sending love and peace to all.