Saturday, October 04, 2014

Life and the Journal

I arrived home from Oaxaca on September 14th and I leave for Australia and Bali on Tuesday. 

This interlude at home has been so sweet, so good with my family.

We had our Birthday month celebrations at Pacific City at the beach and our Birthday people were surprised and excited to be honored once again. 
Here is Stephanie feigning surprise and John all tickled with his cozy new couch cuddle.

It seems like the harvest will never end this year. A bumper crop of figs, plums, autumn raspberries, watermelon and cantaloupe along with the usual vegetables are keeping John busy.

Meanwhile I'm packing my suitcase and crossing items off my numerous lists. Writing in my journal to soothe my pre-travel nerves.

John's zinnias are a consolation. They're so unusually beautiful; at first I thought they were dahlias.

I admit I'm going to miss Autumn very much.

Meanwhile it'll be Spring in Australia. Summer in Bali. 

This is a small painting I did over a month ago. I've been shirking my painting duties.

Journal pages. That's what I've been doing instead.

If you have Facebook you'll see my on-the-fly posts as I travel in the coming weeks. Otherwise, I'll be back in November with photographs and stories.

Keep dreaming. 
Keep believing.