Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Encaustic in San Miguel

Here I am with my class mates in San Miguel; studying with a lovely new teacher and learning how she does things in her studio.
I'm on the slowest internet connection I can imagine - very difficult. It has taken me 2 1/2 hours to upload 4 images but I am nothing if not determined. I want to share my 2 day class with the superb teacher Ezshwan Winding. You will have to Google her name; she has videos and a great blog but I am too wiped out to spend any more time on links. I'll add them to the sidebar when I return home.
Mexico at 7,000 ft. altitude has special challenges for the encaustic artist. The torches want to sputter in the oxygen poor atmosphere; things take longer to heat up, even the strikers act reluctant to do their jobs.
Here is Ezshwan with one of her large encaustics. She is very interesting, having lived in Spain for some years and traveling widely before making San Miguel her home. Classically trained, she is equally comfortable with realism as well as abstraction. Goodness, my blog is acting so weird. It won't let me start a new paragraph!! Anyway, there are still a few spots left in my March class in Malibu (again, see the sidebar for the link) - I am so excited to hit the ground running on my return and meet with my new friends in southern California. Art makes everything incredibly exciting and new. I will bring you the latest. xo


Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sunny and Warm

Seeing amazing art here and finding time to journal too. This was an old door in the morning sun.

A mural at the Instituto de Allende.

Typical street scene.

Walking everywhere. Profound gratitude for every moment. xo

Thursday, February 03, 2011