Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What's On My Easel

Thinking today about Australia. My friend Ro Bruhn let me know this morning that she's reserved a room for the Melbourne Cold Wax Class that's scheduled for May 11-12th. Now I can finally make the announcement official; two cold wax class opportunities for my friends in Australia in May! We'll share painting as well as mealtimes, getting to know each other, and talking about art, dreams, all sorts of things we art people talk about when we get together. This is what I love about teaching. Meeting new art friends and sharing stories, laughing, getting to know each other. I love the cultural exchange and making new friends.

So first to Melbourne at the Beaumaris classroom and then on the following weekend I'll travel up to Jervis Bay to be with Tracy Verdugo and teach the cold wax class again to some wonderful new friends there. I'm so excited to make this trip, my first trip to a country that I've loved so much from afar. Here is the link to read about the class at Jervis Bay.

This is short because I'm heading out for a breather (may be away from the computer off and on). The painting above is cold wax. It's 20x20" in a 2" deep cradled panel and I'm calling it "Tumble". I'm loving working in cold wax so much; it really grows on you. I look forward to sharing it and myself with my friends in Australia. Please consider joining one of my classes there. I'd love to meet you. xo

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Black Bean Dyeing Pt. 2

After the beans have soaked for 48 hours I carefully ladled the water off, careful not to stir up the pot too much. The proteins and debris that sink to the bottom are supposed to muddy the dye.

Then once I had dye and no beans in the stainless kettle I added the silk shirt, wet and direct from the mordant where it had soaked for a day and one half. I weighted the shirt down under the dye with a plate.

This is what the shirt looked like as it went into the dye bath. It's turned sort of gray with a few blushes or rose. 

And this is what it looked like last night after 48 hours in the dye bath. Very purpley. Pretty. I tossed all my white socks in there afterward. I like that color. 

So here it is hanging wet in the bathroom. I know it's going to dry a lot lighter.

And here it is this morning, dry and wonderful. I love the color. And yes, I know it's going to fade but I think even then I'll still like it. Indigo certainly fades; my levis that I wear all the time are going pale blue and eventually white on me but I love every color in between. This was FUN! Black beans aren't just for eating anymore.