Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Dream

This is from a dream I've had several times. In it I begin as a seed in a river bank, break loose from that lodging, and am swept downstream. It's painted in the big big Art Book; 16x23".  

Friday, January 27, 2012

Checking In Before Checking Out

This is my big-big Art Journal. It's over 16x23 inches opened up and has sheets of 300# Arches paper for pages in a coptic bound format. The cover was inspired by an illustration by an artist whose name I had and then lost again (if I can find it I'll amend this post). His monkey was on a tiger which represented the id but my id is so slow lately that an elephant was more in line with truth. An elephant on skittery wheels. 

The artist on the Catherine Wheel was painted on the back cover after a late night session with a group of friends where the suffering of artists was the topic of conversation. We don't suffer because we're artists; we're artists because we feel everything so deeply. And because we are driven to communicate in a language only our tribe understands. To the rest of the world we are just weird, weepy or mental. 

Still, we wouldn't trade our lives with anyone. Not one of us, we agreed, would trade our age for youth. We love the puddles in which we find ourselves.

I've been sick for a week now; subjecting a house guest to my gusty sneezes and trips to the doctor. Haven't felt like talking at all.

Painting in the big-big Art Book has been my consolation. Thank you Misty for the ongoing inspiration. I could name some names here. So many good and loving friends who keep me going and make me feel worthwhile. Who seriously know the way and carry the lantern for others. 

I painted this one over a copied drawing. It was still hard.

And now some recent journal pages. 

I'll be scarce in February or reporting from southern climes. Going to do some high-tailing.

Have a sitter who will send out Hot Wax DVD's for me and help me stay in touch though. And I'll be responding to the Mixed Media Journal Class sign-ups.

In the meanwhile, get your flu shots and wear a scarf outdoors. Listen to music that moves you and keep in touch with the people who make you happy. Let the sun shine down on your days. I'll be back asap.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Four friends grabbed their suitcases, boxes of produce and favorite snacks, and headed to the Oregon coast this weekend to escape the pressures of home and business. Quiet time for writing, painting, sewing, doing whatever presented itself while the rest of the world made do without us.

We did a lot of talking (as women do), tea drinking, and sharing recipes. The weather was our 5th companion for the weekend.

We got a little bit of everything, from rain to wind to blue skies to hail and snow.

The surf roared while the sand blowed and we tucked safely into our warm beds each evening.

If I could give every artist or anyone for that matter a weekend like this I'm sure the world would be better for it. Sharing what we know.

Telling our secrets and dreams and troubles.

Allowing ourselves to be open and trusting with our deepest desires. 

It rarely snows on the Oregon coast but on the third morning we woke up to a white beach. It was a sparkly surprise.

This photo above was taken by Jen Goff and she gave me permission to share. Ahhhhh ...

And also she took the picture of the firmly rooted tree, so dreamy in the snowy field.

We all watched the horizon for the fabled green flare and instead we got this dramatic sunset that looked like fire at sea.

I am renewed spiritually but maybe coming down with a cold. Sweet earth, thank you for your staggering beauty. For the colors, the cold, the fragrances, the hard and the easy. But most of all for so many beautiful human beings to befriend and enjoy. Right besides each of us; there's one now. Love the one you're with. xo

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Singing with all my Heart

I have a beautiful share; this post from the Dishwasher's Tears. Check it out and then come back. (But you might need to add him to your blog lines.)

I love underwater things. It's the best metaphor for the subconscious, rich and fecund. It's full of hidden treasure; better than a pirate's gaudy bijoux by far. The subconscious is where I go diving and what I bring back is the self-knowledge that keeps me whole. 

 The etching in the photograph is one that I got from a friend (Kevin Moore) back in the '70's when we were printmakers in the same studio. It's very large; over 21x35" which is a lot of zinc plate to wipe by hand. The print hangs in our bedroom and reminds me of the quiet deep; the hidden mysteries. My private sea fever.

Here's Laurie's song in case you want to hear it again. Although reading the poetry as written in Scott's blog is a beautiful experience in itself.

So two brief announcements here.

Numero Uno
The first is that I'm opening up sign-ups now for the Mixed Media Journaling online class that I've been working on for the past 2 months. We'll start on March 12th and work together for 4 weeks doing art and writing in our personal journals. This is a class that's been very popular at numerous art retreats and because we have 4 weeks we'll be able to do more writing and self exploration. Go here to read more about the class and sign up.

Numero Dos
While the Hot Wax online class ended nearly two months ago, I now have the entire class available on DVD as an eBook. This eBook, beautifully designed by Laurie Jacobsen with internal and external links, contains all the videos, lessons, questions and answers and is downloadable to your desktop or to read directly from the DVD to save space on your hard drive. You can read about the topics covered in the class and order it here.

I'm preparing for a beach weekend with a group of women; can't think of a better winter break right now. I'll sneak in some watery, sea fevery photos for you soon. mmmm salt water dreams.