Saturday, April 13, 2013

San Miguel - A New Announcement

We were thrilled by your response!

we had more people than openings

and wanting to include everyone 

we decided to 

add a second week.

In the words of our host, Rebecca Brooks, 

the only thing sweeter than being in san miguel,
is sharing san miguel with dear friends.
the only thing more incredible 
than sharing 
what you love with dear friends,
is making room for new friends!

due to overwhelming interest,
announces a new session!
please join us,
rebecca brooks
for an inspiring artful week in san miguel de allende
oct. 16-24, 2013
email Rebecca Brooks directly for reservations

Katie Kendrick

Stephanie Lee

Judy Wise

Give yourself the gift of San Miguel de Allende and a week of classes, tours, painting and fellowship. Rebecca will send you all the information.

email Rebecca Brooks here: 

There are more photographs of San Miguel here in my previous blog post about the retreat. 
(Visit Rebecca here at recuerda mi corazon)


Jennifer W. said...

Hope you have a filled 2nd week as well! Thinking this would be an incredible week to participate in.

Judy Wise said...

Join us, Jennifer. We can fly out together! :-D

Kimberley McGill said...

And thank you for sharing all this loveliness - I live vicariously!

60 years of Making Art said...

You have chosen a wonderful time to be here in San Miguel. Hope I get a chance to say hello to you.

Seth said...

A dream team at a dream location. Those students will be very lucky!

Parabolic Muse said...

You guys are so fabulous!
I can't join you, but THINK of all the people who will be able to, now!

Did you know that I met Katie Kendrick at artfest and that Misty Mawn didn't even tell her what a totally misbehaved student I was in her class?! I mean, it was such a charmed retreat, wasn't it? Being able to get away with being a misbehaved student, AND meet Katie Kendrick, too? Heavens.

Oh. It all comes back around to me again, doesn't it?

You rock the casbah. Er..the hacienda. xxx to the o.