Sunday, April 06, 2014

More Spring, More Busting Out

Nothing slows time and nothing stops spring. Halleluia.

The family started off Sunday morning with a walk in a nearby park. 

We saw fungi.

 Pretty pink flowers. Elderberry?

Gorgeous yellow willow, shrieking to high heaven.

More shy fungi.

Hushed to us perhaps, but these woods are full of inter-species communication. 
All the green things are talking and carrying on like anything.

Or are these the elderberries?

I know these are trillium. They were everywhere.

When I got home I grabbed the camera and ran around taking pictures for you. Lots going on.

The plum trees, asian pears, and peach tree are all in bloom.

We have wallflowers. (Or are they forget-me-nots?)

The over wintered kale is blooming.

An april delicacy.

Leeks and garlic. 

More kale. 

An occasional tulip.

Spring onions.

The mache pit. We've been eating tons of this.

Big lumbers from some tree thinning. Firewood for next winter.

Buds on the lilacs.

Flowering. Everything is springing to life.

Shrinking violets.

The mister's been thinning the herd with his little tools. He does it so tenderly; thanks each one for their service.

The seedlings are stretching out.

They are happy and hopeful.

It's the beginning of everything.

The world is new again.

I got a visit from an old beloved friend that I had not seen in 40 years. 

Just imagine that. The part about the 40 years.

We were exactly as we remembered each other. No, better. In those days we went to Mexico on spring break, both attended ASU and both worked graveyard at Motorola in Phoenix, Arizona. 

We shared the closest friendship for several years. And then I moved to Oregon and she moved to Ohio to go to graduate school. 

And we lost touch.

What a gift to be reunited. 

One of the best parts of having a blog is that it gives me an opportunity to reflect on life's goodness. At my age I'm no longer interested in talking about what's difficult. (Yes, the molar's been pulled, the bone graft inserted, my face is swollen and I have a yellow bruise the size of Brazil on my jaw.) Those things happen to all of us. But after putting up a blog post like this one, my heart sees what really counts in my life and that is my family, my friends, and this beautiful world that I've gotten to live in for so many seasons. 

I hope you're noticing spring (or fall!) where you live and that you are counting your blessings as well. I'll catch you up on the art news when I next return. xo

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring At Last

Baby, I stayed away too long. Nursing a cold over here and have been buried under preparations for the online Painting Faces class that starts on Monday. I mean buried. Shooting and re-shooting video, purchasing a new video camera mid-way, deciding to add music after I'd uploaded all the video online.

I'm still on the fence about music in the background. We all have different tastes. It can be distracting. But it can also get you in the groove. So maybe music on half of them. We'll see.

Things are getting lively around here. John's up early with his babies. 

Precious. Holy. My dream man. 

Here's how you know if you have a good man. If you are a better person because of them. 

The yard is a riot of color and growth. Plum blossoms.

Peonies coming up out of the ground.

Flowering Quince.

Daffodils of every color and size.

Roses with a shocking vigor.

I spent the weekend at Fort Worden with a few women who had the ghosts of Artfest past on their minds. We did our best to recreate a bygone era and it was beautiful. I know I use that word too much. But it was. Precious others. Little bits of ourselves in other bodies. I love how we all complete each other.

Spent the week doing laundry, being sick with a yucky cold, cleaning the studio after the huge mess I made during the last month and doing my journal practice.

Facebook. Yeah, it makes me feel connected to so many artists out there who work alone most of the time like I do. 

I read about the loss of privacy and how the corporations are spying on us and all of that but I think it's almost worth it for the closeness I feel with others. It isn't like Mexico where you can step out your door and see so much life going on.

When I step out my door I see cows.


Thanks for not giving up on me. I'll try to get here more often. I have plans. Free tutorials, things like that. Life just sweeps me along. xo

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A New Class Announcement

Before my travels I planned an online face painting class as a result of requests made by my friends in San Miguel. To be honest, this is my dream class; I get to paint my favorite subjects with you guys by my side. If you want to read more about this class, go here and join the party. Meanwhile I'll be filming and editing and making the class really fun for you.

I bought a full set of Politec acrylics while I was in Mexico so I could paint while I was there. I love and don't love them. 

I love the dry, fresco like surface of the paint but they dry so fast that it's like painting with tempera paint. So for me, unable to blend, it was a struggle to paint subtle value changes.

I missed my Golden.

I put Waterlogue on both my iPad and iPhone while I was there and created the following image. 

Then I copied it very loosely in my journal. I got the idea from Jeanne Oliver  and it was fun.

I tried to match the color and values. I was working under artificial lighting and with a limited set of colors (no dark blue or glaze colors) ... still it was informative.

Paint. It always lifts me up.

And then there's the archetype of the madonna. Who can resist trying to capture her?

As well as that, I've always liked to draw bad girls; smokers and bar stool sitters with a black line up the back of their calves from old fashioned nylons. Winking at sailors. Extremes appeal to me.

Ugh. See that tooth? I went to the dentist this morning and found out I have to have my back molar pulled (a molar that I have fought to save with a root canal and a crown and every kind of tooth saving procedure). So pulled. Out. And then an implant put in. I'm writhing just thinking about it.

You should know my life is more than la la la. 

So yeah. Coming home and hitting reality with a thud.

Anyway, that's about all the news for today.

Sending out good wishes to everyone. Be safe and let's all imagine an end to this brutal weather.