Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Calm Before the Next Storm

It's been a wonderful couple of weeks since my return from the east coast. I've slept in and indulged myself in every pleasure I could get my mitts on. And so, full of chocolate and well rested, I've packed my bags and filled my teaching boxes in preparation for Art and Soul.

I love teaching in my home town. That means I can take everything; lots of filled journals, more clothes than I could ever need and all my electronic toys.

Check out the enormous cake our friends presented John with on his Birthday. Across the pineapples it reads: Feliz Cumpleanos John and it is a cake like none I've ever seen or eaten before.

It is made up of layers of puff pastry with whipped cream and fresh fruit on top and filled with a sweet caramel pudding. The cake is called Miel Ojas (also Mil Hojas) and it was heavenly. 

Of course I've been experimenting in the studio. I think that's what I do best. I am curious. I get an idea and I just keep switching it up to see what will happen. The transfer above is from a transparency sheet to watercolor paper. I had to try photo paper, contact paper, direct transfer and so on until I almost rubbed all the skin off my fingers. 

This is the teapot I painted for the Art and Soul silent auction fundraiser. Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Such a wonderful metaphor.

This is another view.

And the Cheshire cat on the back of the pot. The entire pot is coated in encaustic medium.

This is the contact paper transfer.

This page is about growing up in Arizona. Every photo has a personal connection for me relating to events in my past. Things I love to think about and yet things I need to release.

I once knew a 92 year old woman with an excellent sharp mind who told me the biggest challenge she faced was not thinking about the past all the time. Because her memory was intact and there was so much to remember. So many good things. I can relate.

This page I started at Squam as a demo on breaking in a new journal. How you have to choose a color and boldly slap it on. How you start with something random and then gently bring order to the chaos. The deep satisfaction of doing that.

I gathered acorns at Squam that I glued and drilled and attached to the journal that I sewed together there. I get all of my best ideas from my so-called students and this was one of them. *wink*

We are eating lots of arugula this week; I made this salad twice already and might make it again. Here is the recipe.


big bowl of washed, broken arugula without the stems
cut up avocado
thin slices of red onion
walnut pieces (or sliced tomato)
dressing: equal parts of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar
shake up the dressing with salt and pepper and dress the salad

you will feel as strong as Popeye if you eat this salad

This is the last page of the journal I just finished. Good-bye old friend. 

So here is my wish for you if you live in the northern hemisphere near where apple trees grow. Step outside when the air is crisp and walk under the apple trees where you can smell the cider from the windfalls on the ground. Leaves burning. Woodsmoke. Cider and spiders. Experience all of it while you can. Namaste.


Lynn Cohen said...

I will come back and enlarge these wonderful journal pages and slowly give them the attention they deserve.
Going to bed now, to count down three more nights before, then two more nights before, then one more night before I leave for Portland and ART AND SOUL then one more night till I will actually be SITTING IN YOUR CLASS!
See me smiling big!

mycuriousteaparty said...

That cake looks amazing are you going to try and make one of them?

Parabolic Muse said...

Judy, that teapot is luminous. That's going to be a winner! I mean, whoever wins it is!

That cake... I don't know if I've had quite that kind of cake, but I almost have a memory of it...

It's cool that you got to have fun these weeks. I'm so ready to go on my vacation. I get to go to Paris in a couple of days! Very Continental, doncha know...

The first journal spread is YUM with that raven on there.

I did 8 gel transfers last week and the fingers are almost recovered. I feel for you.

Unknown said...

I am so amazed at your art...I will get there and your inspiration will help me. Maybe someday I can do art journaling classes on the Big Island of Hawaii..none here that I know of. And I love arugala!

Ro Bruhn said...

What a fabulous cake, my it's huge, it looks delicious. Your teapot is a winner, I love the cat. Have a great time at Art and Soul.

Jacky said...

Beautiful, personal journal pages...Art and I would love to come over for that and get to do a class with you.

That cake.... how scrumptious does that look. I was salivating just looking at it.

Belated Happy Birthday to John and have a great time at Art and Soul.

Jacky xox

Love that teapot!

Judy said...

I love that tea pot, I'd bid on that! Also that cake looks so GOOD!

femminismo said...

Oh, Judy! Such wonderful things here. And who is the guy in the lower lefthand corner of the journal page? Ooh la la! Maybe I will glimpse you at Art and Soul. I am taking Katie's "faces" class and can't wait!!

GailNHB said...

Your blog and art journal and garden - beautiful, all of it. Thank you so much for posting all this beauty and honesty for so many years. I only recently discovered your blog and have spent hours looking back all the way to the beginning. All I keep saying is, "Wow!"

I have a couple of questions: what kind of paper do you use? And what pens do you find write well over the paint? I am especially curious about what brand of white pens you use.

I like Microns, but the ones I use are too fine to work well on top of paint. And I use Fabriano Artistico 140 lb hot press paper. Love it. But again, my microns are sometimes too fine.

I hope your time at the ART and SOUL conference is great. I am huge fan of Teesha Moore as well.

Drooling in Charlotte, Gail

Unknown said...

Oooh, love the teapot and lovely journal pages. I'm so excited to take your wax painting class this weekend! A bit nervous too since I won't know anyone in class, but I know it will be wonderfull. :)

femminismo said...

Judy, I recognized Tony Curtis, but I'm talking about the guy in swim trunks in front of the car/convertible. Whooee! Is this John in another life?

Jill said...

I am always thrilled when your new posts come up on my dashboard - I always expect a treat, and I am not disappointed - however a slice of that cake would really be the metaphorical icing on the top!!

Anonymous said...

judy, you amaze me!! your art/pictures are BEAUTIFUL, but the BEAUTY and soul you have within and out is what also amazes me!!
xo and smiles~ jill n.

eb said...

oh goodness Judy!
what a full and scrumptious post
just loaded with yumminess
oh happy birthday John!
I know that you have saved me a slice
of that love monster of a cake
I am wishing
that I too
would BE there with and for you
sweet Muse
you are always
welcome to come and play
any day
thinking of you
and sending golden love
will play the bowls
for you tomorrow
so tune in to the vibes
sweet wise one...

xox - eb.

A'n'G Johnson said...

so many inspiring journal pages! And wow... that is SOME cake!

Healing Woman said...

I just love your posts-they take me to far away places with exotic foods and art.

The teapot is charming and I love the acorn embellishments.

Is there a chance your friends would give their recipe for that luscious looking cake?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pages as always. You continue to inspire even when I don't see you for a long time. Love the acorns...
Enjoy the next great art journey. xox Corrine

Clare Wassermann said...

I have just raked up the windfalls from the garden. Hmmmm the compost heap smells it's best ever and there is apple crumble for tea.
What gorgeous photos...I adore your crow

Karin Bartimole said...

Such abundance here Judy - I feel full, inspired, and joyful just visiting. a belated happy birthday to your John - that was one beautiful cake!! Someone is going to be a very happy wonderlander, your pot is amazing!

gigi said...

Love these journal pages! I am in Portland, having travelled from Wisconsin last Friday. Gorgeous weather the whole time so far! Can't wait to meet you and take your wax workshop on Sunday!

Kim Mailhot said...

I can't believe September has been and gone and so have you from my home state ! All tales say that you had a wonderful time at Squam and that students of yours were thrilled with what they learned from you, Talented One !
Such a good life - art, learners, cake, love, and magnificent journal pages capturing bit of it all. Enjoy the calm and the next ride, Lovely Judy. Hoping the winds will blow us back into the same space one days soon...;)

Harnett-Hargrove said...

Great meander. There is a resonance here. -J

Jan's Art and Musings said...

Judy, as usual you offer much delicious eye candy in your post! Wishing I could be at Art and Soul. Some day ...

Anonymous said...

If you only knew how very inspirational you are to me! I loved this post! I love the tranfers and especially this very last page. Just beautiful!

peggy gatto said...

I love the teapot!!!
I also loved seeing your altered pages and art!
Truly inspirational!!!
I had a great time here!!

Joy Logan said...

More yummy journal pages Judy!!! I am again straining my eyes to try and read them,lol.

Renee Howell said...

thanks for the art!

Visiting you from Seth's blog - because I identified with your space!

escaping for a bit to your blog from my work-a-day world. lovely escape! I'll be back....

Janine said...

Judy I have an acorn collection, may I copy your idea stringing a bead onto an acorn? I usually use the caps for fairy hats or the whole acorn to decorate a little 3D scene.

Thanks for your posts!

Lime said...

I love your art journal, but that TEAPOT! Oh, my, it is truly outstanding!