Friday, September 24, 2010

Vermont and New Hampshire

Before Squam Art Workshops I flew into Vermont to visit with Squam friends I made the previous year. I had never been to Vermont before and Lake Champlain was a name I could only wonder about. That was to change.

Many of you know EB from her blog which is how I first became aware of her. She has a distinct and personal journaling style that I've always admired and she has been an art teacher for many years.

Under her tutelage the girlfriends and I made keepsake books of our visit.

We make nature prints in a way that was new to me.

We played EB's crystal singing bowls, did energy dancing, listened to inspiring music, ate wonderfully  and spent many hours creating and dock sitting and wine drinking. It was like a dream of everything good in life. It always comes down to friends. Laughing, talking, listening to each others' stories.

Ho ho. You didn't think I'd exhausted my photographs of Squam yet did you?

These are the pieces I created in Sarah Ahearn's class. My intention for Squam was healing and health; that's what the pieces were about. Regaining my balance and counting my blessings.

And some journal pages for you. I can't keep up with myself. I've been a twirling dervish this week and I can't seem to settle.

Write, paint and begin again. Forget the unpacking, the laundry.

The beautiful journal above was created by Hillary. It's her photograph too (good one!) and is one of the journals I told you about that I failed to photograph in class. 

Sarah taught us a new way to make transfers so I've been going crazy with that.

I made more dill pickles when I got home.

And then truthfully, yesterday with the skies gray and Portland rain coming down I hit the wall and felt depressed. Only while watching "Project Runway" did I feel somewhat uplifted when Mondo won with all those crazy stripes. 

Now it's time to get ready for Art & Soul in only two weeks. I'm excited. This is the life. xo  


Peshe said...

in two weeks, then another two weeks, then two more weeks, and then next year....phew, thank goodness for pickles.


eb said...

sweet wise one,
such a pleasure to share YOU
with this lake love of mine
your presence
brought light and joy
and yes the mojo too
today at the Shelburne Museum
David and I both said
Judy and the girlfriends
would love this
even the heirloom roses
were smiling
so many things undone
yet to do
next time...
such love in the doing
and the sharing
yes it all comes down to the this
shared joy
and magic,
both of which are abundantly
expressed through you...

xox - eb.

Lynn said...

I have a hard time with your beautiful journals. I read them, ponder them, but feel as though I am intruding on your life. Silly me?
So glad Squam was what you hoped it would be and then some.
I'd imagine coming home from something like that has to have a bit of a let down feeling, rain or no rain. It's such a high for you.
Nice that you have Art and Soul to look forward to. (me too) :-)))

lyle baxter said...

what a great time you had! I'm so glad for you that it all turned out so well. the end of the road to recovery, I hope! onward and upward!

Phoenix Peacock said...

I'm so jealous that you get to go to the workshops at Squam, I've heard such amazing things about them!!

Leslie said...

Sigh. Squam AND Vermont! Lucky you!

It looks like you've been living in a magical time.

Marit said...

Enjoy the life as much as I enjoy looking at your art!

Connie Lou said...

although i am in hawaii, and so far away from squam, i feel transported, thank you so much. I love project runway, of course I am a little biased towards andy..hawaii boy! Lol!

lynda Howells said...

Wondeful journal as the image of the nature spraying page. the book looks amazing and boy those pickles look great.xxlynda

martha brown said...

Burlington, Vermont is my favourite US city! I love Lake Champlain and have camped on its shores many times (I'm from Toronto)I wish that I was there -- and hope someday to go to Squam. I missed you at ArtUnraveled this year, Judy!

Anonymous said...

i miss you so much judy!! you wow me!! gosh would i love to try one of your home/handmade pickles!
love you miss judy!!!!
xo and smiles~ jill

Clare Wassermann said...

I can't keep up!!!!!! You have refreshed me - I have made no art in a while and yet I have a little time. Strange? The weather here is bleak and dank though. Thank you for bringing some sun!

Clare Wassermann said...

I can't keep up!!!!!! You have refreshed me - I have made no art in a while and yet I have a little time. Strange? The weather here is bleak and dank though. Thank you for bringing some sun!

Lorelei Lane said...

Beautiful journaling pages... love the leaves imprinted on your pages. Your journals are truly an inspiration to me...I've had a sad summer and I'm ready to have a colorful, healing Autumn. Please post often...

Lorelei Lane said...

Today's mail brought the new issue of Somerset Life and the first article is about Squam Art Workshops.... what a double-decker treat for today. Saving my pennies (nickles, dimes & quarters) for a special trip one year....

Parabolic Muse said...

I love your journals, Judy. I will obviously say this every time!

Always wanted to see Vermont. One day we will.

Lynn said...

Mondo sure has a POV (why does he remind me of Pinocchio?), but I think Gretchen is going to win the show!


BJ Lantz said...

I want a jar of them pickles, Sistah! Looks like you had a lovely time in Vermont (and of course, Squam!)

somepinkflowers said...

you are So Good
at covering everything!
standing on the dock!!!!!!!


you got it ALL
even some pickles.

didn't we have fun
by the lake
so much i learned
from eb & all
by your generous sharing...

the little tin with the number*stamps! {{sigh}}
i shall hunt
every Dollar Store

seeing your journal,
holding it in my hand,
turning the pages
------> magical
secretly delicious!

oh yes and
your face
when you played
the singing bowls.

{{ more later }}

Anonymous said...

What a great post..filled with so much interest and wonder! thanks for sharing!

still loving every ounce of what you do...right down to your pickles!

ciao bella

come on by for TAG TUESDAY - You could be "IT"!


Anonymous said...

Judy, how honored I feel to be in your journal and on your blog. Honored to know you too. You are an inspiration as always. Thanks for everything!

Karen Cole said...

Ah yes, it was grand. There is no doubt that my laugh lines have deepened.

So glad you are whirling around such good things.

Soon......I will post some photos of my own.

My husband gifted me with a singing bowl of my own, btw. No diamonds for this girl, just the beautiful sound of the bowl humming a tune that makes me happy.

Karin Bartimole said...

so wonderful Judy. The depth and beauty of the artful creations, and human connections have given me Squam envy :) Art & Soul, too. I am putting them directly onto my dream list for 2011.

thank you for your words to me. yes, I believe am powerful now, and loved. it's palpable.
with gratitude and love,

Teddi said...

O that cake looks sooo yummy1 plz say it was. well was it?