Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Return of My Mojo

I'm afraid this is going to be another one of those rambling, ADD blog entries where I drag you through the studio, down the road, out to the garden and back again.

First some journal pages which I haven't posted in awhile. This is why I have e-mails to catch up on. I feel like things will come unglued if I don't work in the journal and make some pictures. I'm keeping the world in one piece.

It gives me something to do when I'm waiting for my mojo. And then something to do with the mojo when it returns. It makes me happy.

First there is the life I live, then the life I live in the journal and finally the life I post here to the blog. I love to take scraps of things, evidence, photographs, little stories, and make them into something cohesive. I love the story.

A local artist that I've long admired painted an abstract with a color palette that set me afire so I turned out a version of her painting as a journal spread. These are my colors.

I did this page in the back of the room during Katie's class at Los Gatos. She always loosens me up and jiggles my right brain.

Opalescent colors.

My Graham Thomas rose. Blooming brightly despite neglect.

My friends came to visit this weekend; we had a play day in the studio and a visit to the neighbor's farm animals.

Jose confides in me that he doesn't really like to help with the yard work but that he has to or he'll grow up to be lazy. I whisper to him that if he is lazy he should grow up to be an artist. He gives me a big smile.

We paint.

Everyone makes beautiful paintings and tries out all the new colors I've added since their last visit.

Celeste has a natural eye for the abstract.

Jose's piece is very powerful.

Celeste's finished painting.

Brenda paints pictures with lots of emotion. This is her family with the black hair and John and I above, the viejos (old ones).

My Fairy Rose, blooming madly in the shade of the blue spruce.

And the goats we visited, talking to us of their love of tender grape leaves which we obligingly bring to them.

Little piggies.

One type of hydrangea growing on our place. I delivered a specimen of this variety to one of my daughters' house yesterday. She'll add it to her collection.

I shot this photo at the other daughter's house. I made this doll for her -the compass in her tummy is to insure that she will never lose her way in life. I like how the doll is kicking up her heels.

Coneflower in the garden.

Self-Portrait for SP Wednesday. Ahhh, now it's time to watch my soap opera (ha ha, my dirty little secret). I hope this is a good mojo day for all of you too. xo


And so it goes... said...

Hello, Judy Wise! Thanks to seeing, touching & smelling your journal at Valley Ridge (oh, don't worry, I really didn't inhale! Honestly, my nostrils were nowhere near your journal!), I've become an avid art journaler. Spilling my thoughts across the page in vivid color is a bright spot in my day. I can't thank you enough! Love your journal pages, gracious for sharing. Can I be you when I grow up???
deb / debbie / debra

Kim Mailhot said...

your wonderfully rambling posts are just like life, full of "scraps" of this and that and magic all the way through - I love to see your world through your eyes...and by the way, you have some really, really beautiful friends !
Happy resting !

Anonymous said...

what a leisurely tour of your world..all three of them. I miss my journal time, however my needles keep the worlds stitched together and from unravelling when the mojo takes a trip up the road without me...

Sarah said...

I love the paintings-especially Brenda's one of her family. THat photo of sunlit pigs os just lovely!

rebecca said... always fill the perfcet spot in me.

muchas gracias...
mi amor

Judy Alexander said...

Love you journaling.

Candace said...

Oh Judy, how I needed this post and these colours and this love and passion and delight today.
Thank you for your gorgeousity.
And if you will excuse me, I have to go make some art...
Take care! And hug a goat for me!
Candace in Athens.

mary ann said...

where you lead
i will follow
that you tell me to
if you need...
i will follow where you lead.

Poetic Artist said...

I love this post, it just keep me moving right along..The journal pages are great and then the photos are wonderful.
Glad things are starting to move around.

DS Borror said...

it's like a warm breeze your fabulous blog entries...lifts you up and brings a slow smile...which i think are the best kind...
a question about your journals - what type of journals (paper) and paint do you use?

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Judy, your journal pages are exquisite! What type of book do you use for them?

Mary Tafoya said...

Rambling? An unscripted journey? Making connections between seemingly disparate things? (Isn't that one definition of creativitiy? :-) The children and their art brought tears to my eyes. Also, your post reminded me that I listened to Clarissa Pinkola Estes CD while driving back and forth to Santa Fe recently -- it's called "The Creative Fire" and she speaks a lot about the coming and going of mojo. 8-) Best wishes to you. And all of our mojos! Hehe.

MB Shaw said...

I love your rambling blog posts, they are so much fun, almost like being with you and jumping from one topic to the next :-)
The abstract journal spreads and the color play is faboo!! I love the palette you are playing with. Fun, fun, fun.

Anonymous said...

hello, i stumbled upon your blog by way of alisa burke's blog. your journal is beautiful. such depth in each page - what a wonderful way to share the stories of your life. I was wondering if you would mind sharing which photo editing software you use. I particularly like the borders around the pictures of jose and the one of your feet in this post.

Scintilla said...

Oh I love this post! so full of a day in the life of judy. inspiring me to live well.