Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tao's 2nd Birthday

Come with me down the street and over the next hill to our friend's place in the country to celebrate the 2nd year Birthday of Tao. I remember posting a picture of his pregnant mother awhile back; could it have been so long ago?

Imagine the smell of crushed chamomile as we walk over the meadow where two tents are set up with sun screens and where a lovely picnic lunch is set out for the guests.

Seiko and Chavo must have been cooking all morning on this spread; many dishes lovingly prepared for us.

Rose hips from the field. All the food is fresh, organic, much of it grown right here on this farm.

Seiko makes dishes out of things I didn't even know was edible and all of it is wonderful.

It's a hot July Saturday but there's a cool breeze and we have minted water to keep us cool.

This is the yurt where my friends have lived since before Tao was born. It is surprisingly large.

Inside the yurt looking up the stairs to the sleeping loft. Imagine loud reggae music.

Looking in the door of the yurt.

Seiko wipes the bubbles out of her eyes. Tao opens presents. Chavo shows us how the bubbles work.

Bev is here, taking a day off from working her CSA (community supported agriculture) farm.
Patti has come from her farm up the road. She has chickens and turkeys and goats and all sorts of growing things on her place and in the winter she warms us all with her famous soups.

Paul and John, our hard working farmers and philosphers, exchanging pleasantries. Today we talked a bit about spiritual paths; tatoos, crazy cat and secular Buddhists.

Tao kept the minutes.

Here are the tents set up beside the big red barn.

The precious family.

John's wonderful soft necked garlic.

John and the giant monster corn that hasn't even tassled out yet. I'll tell you some stories about it when I get caught up. Right now my cup runneth over in the most amazing way; such a jam packed summer that I can hardly keep up. Thanks for stopping by.


MB Shaw said...

Your friends are divine, what a lovely day. I have always wanted a yurt (when I lived in CA, I wished I could have my studio in one). These days(since I'm back in the Midwest) I long for a barn.
Did you find out if we're rooming together at Squam?
Sure hope so sweetie!!!

amy said...

Great photos! I love the yurt shots too. It always inspires me to see people living in smaller quarters (even if it's big inside :) I just saw one of your pieces in the encaustic book I got from interlibrary loan. I am loving the photos and the book so far but it does seem expensive to start.

femminismo said...

So glad to get updated on Dao and his parents again. I can't believe it's been so long since he was just able to sit on laps in your photos. The greens and quinoa salad looks heavenly. Health bursting from a bowl! All your neighbors sound so interesting and it's good to have a competent minute-taker. Cheers on this breezy warm night! - Jeanne

anna maria said...

What wonderful photos. May I ask what part of Oregon that is? It is Oregon, right?

What immediately popped out of my mouth when I read this post was "why am I not living on a farm and living in a yurt?" I've got no answer for that.

If I hadn't seen that photo of the corn I wouldn't have believed it. looks like he'll need a ladder to pick it.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous post.

Lynn Cohen said...

Happy Birthday little Tao.
It's always fun to come by have a rich life.

Kim Mailhot said...

What a beautiful community you have around you, Judy. Wonderful that you all came together to celebrate that precious little boy !
Glad your summer cup is so full !

Meri said...

You live in such a diverse and interesting place. Somehow I can't see my gated, golf course community approving plans for a yurt. Yurts remind me of my days of reading Whole Earth Catalog.

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

So many wonderful things all in one posting. Tao is a beautiful child...goodness! and the parents, the yurt, the gathering, the FOOD.

I love your plaster art. Incredible! I'll be back.

Judy Wise said...

To answer Anna Maria's question, we live in the Willamette Valley, close to Portland but in the surrounding farm country. Oregon is heaven in the summer.

Pancho said...

on and on the seasons go tumbling one into the other. you farming folks that are close to the land seem to feel them most intensely. when i come visit i want to meet tao and patti. will you think....let me pet her goats and chickens?

Ro Bruhn said...

What a lovely party for a lovely boy, such yummy looking food and I love the yurt. My two daughters are both pregnant again so we are very excited about the upcoming events. I know they will be at school in the blink of an eye.

Patti Sandham said...

Your posts are always filled with warmth and community. Oregon seems like a wonderful place to live. Happy Birthday to Tao. :)

Candace said...

Oh gosh, Judy, what a wonderful loving post this is about a wonderful loving life being lived all around you -- and us too. And that's not even counting you and Farmer John, lol.
Amazing how fast Secretary Tao is growing. I love the photos of the Family, the yurt, the food... how I wish I were there.

Have a great great week.
Get More of What You Love.
Candace in Athens

Clare Wassermann said...

What a joyful blog entry. I was momentarily there with you (even whilst here in England)

Jeanne-ming Brantingham said...

Dear Judy,
I feel a party comin' on. How about a class for the three of us, you, Julie, and me....?
Bring Tao too!

I have realtives in the Portland area and have often driven around the W valley and agree it is heavenly. I see you are teaching a class in portland this fall....hmmmm. I am crazy for your style.

Glad you like ly little stories....they are all true. It's funny now when I travel back to my home town in Taiwan, my neighbors now have internet and some will comment on the pictures I paint of them...the funniest comment was from Mrs. Chen who held back ont he generous helping of dumplings that I usually get from her. I ccould sense she was a little miffed...then finally...."my neck is NOT that skinny! Next time make me better looking!"

Unknown said...

oh little tao - what a darling he is.

to have this friend base and community - i feel so happy for you, each of you in these photos, AND it also brings up longing for me, wishing we had that here in our community. i showed walter the pictures, he loved them all - his jaw dropped when he saw john in the garden, he could not believe the size of that corn. i told him, it's like findhorn at your place, and he simply must make the trip and come with me and walk those magic paths one of these days (after he retires :-)

lucky me, i get to walk those paths in just a couple days - i'm SO ready!! xoxox

see you in just a couple

katie said...

it signed me in as WALTER - well that was a surpise! he has his own google mail account so i'm going to have to be more careful- changing that now

Anonymous said...

What a celebration of closeness to family & nature. A birthday party for a sweet little boy. The Yurt looks amazing, Judy.

Jacky said...

What a special day and that yurt is amazing (as is the red barn). Thank you for sharing Tao's second birthday with us and a lovely insight into your life at home.

I'm doing a few classes with you when you come out to Australia in March, so just wanted to pop by and hi!