Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bouts of Dither

What can I say about this week. There is nothing new to report on the fate of our friends. Our own lawyer had nothing encouraging to say about the situation yesterday and we've heard nothing new from the father. I am going to go mum on the subject unless I have good news. Thank you to everyone who has shown or felt compassion for our friends.

I've made a decision to apply for only a few art fairs this summer. I have agreed to teach at a number of new venues and find so much reward in that. A slice of one class sample is shown above; I am working, but very slowly this week. I think my body has gone into a form of hibernation. With the passing of the solstice I look forward to longer days and increased energy.

Be well and love each other.


Ro Bruhn said...

I hope the news will be good re your friends. The snippet of your painting looks fabulous, I'd love to see the whole piece.
Merry Christmas and have a great break

A.Smith said...

Nana taught me as a little girl that to worry about something was like a prayer for something you don't want to happen. So I decided to stop worrying last night about the situation and the children, because I know that in the end all we can sustain and what can sustain us is hope.

Hibernate my dear, the soul needs to sleep once in a while so creativity can be nurtured away from the mundane. Just think "beneath the deepest snow the secret of a rose is that it simply knows: you must believe in Spring"

Here is to Spring, good news and fragrant antique roses.


Anonymous said...

Judy, several months ago you indicated that you and Katie would be teaching a class together in Mexico. I don't see that class anymore on either of your websites. The course content looked very interesting. Do you plan on teaching a class similar to that with Katie in the US?

Take care. Enjoy the holidays!

kelly Jeanette said...

Judy, I LOVE your journal pages, you really impress me. I found your site from your comments on Suzi's site, don't you just love her. Anyway I'm new to art journaling and I find your work so completely inspiring. If you ever sell a book or make a DvD please let me know(hint hint). Or have you?

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!

Judy Wise said...

In regards to the class in Mexico that Katie and I had planned; after paying a $750 deposit to Hacienda Mosaico, we learned that the promoter had lost the property. We still want to teach the class together but have not decided on a place to teach it. We were very disappointed to have lost our money and to have had to cancel the class but at least no student lost money.

One Love Photo said...

Love the journal pages and painting. I can't wait for more daylight as well. This time of year is good for sipping tea and gluing things....I need to let myself do that. A workshop from you would be a wonderful gift, when will you post more details?

Lynn Cohen said...

I continue to be inspired by all you create. I collect ideas here, and think I see them starting to appear in my own creations.
I thank you for sharing so much of your self.
I have given you an award you can pick up next time you feel like dropping by my blog site.

Anonymous said...

Judy, thank you so much for the link to Teesha's handmade journals; yet another glorious source of inspiration for me. I hope very sincerely for good news about your friends. And you are, of course, absolutely right about hibernation and the solstice - with the longer days comes new light, new hope and new beginnings. But in order to enjoy those things, we have to first embrace the darkness and loss, and then trust that the universe brings us something to balance those. I am so glad I found you; I feel you are a kindred spirit. Wishing you and yours every happiness this winter x

MezzoKat said...

In the midst of the snowiest winter in several years, your daffodils come to breathe spring on me! We won't see them here until April. If you're courageous, I've put up quite a few snow pics on my blog the past few days.
I, too, am looking forward to the longer days. The sun rises at 7:30 or later, and sets at 4:30 or sooner. The return of the sun, aaah!
I'll surely keep your friends in my prayers.

iHanna said...

Jesus tape - oh my gosh how cool that is!!!! :-)