Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Friends and Family

We had a lovely Christmas with friends and family. Mary Ann's beautiful canvas brightened our little tree area. John was very enthusiastic in his admiration for this piece. Thank you, dear Mary Ann. We love it and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

We celebrate Solstice with a group of local friends who love to grow things organically, as we do. This is a picture of John that I took on that evening. Mostly we lit candles and expressed our gratitude for another year of health and happiness. It was solemn but also very powerful and in that way, joyful.

Hermanito refused all invitations and slept a lot. Here he says, "wake me when it's over".

Back at the Solstice Party. We have a new baby to celebrate. Little (!) Tao joined us in August. He was born at home beneath the grape vines. His mother and father are in awe, besotted with adoration and so are the rest of us elders. Mmmmmm, baby flesh. Give me a big helping.

Tao is alert, bright and observant. I keep smooching his blubby cheeks. He's sooooo yummy.

I quickly incorporate all of Mary Ann's fabulous wrappings into my journal. And her envelope window idea. The girl is genius!!!! Link her site. Right now. Then come back.

I spent a lot of time diddling in my journal. It's a good thing to do when the days are less inspiring or very stressful. A nice escape.

I rarely share pictures of my family but for once, here they are. Stephanie on the left, Shellie in the middle and me. My daughters. My best friends. My partners in crime. You know. No bond is stronger than blood.

My dear John, who seems to sit close to the candles every time. This one was taken Christmas Day at Stephanie's house.

My Shellie girl. Mother of Nate, nurse, painter of watercolors, wife, daughter, friend.

Grandma and Nathan. He is all my hope for the future of the world. A wonderful, gifted and humble person who is thoughtful and kind. I am very proud of him.

One last picture of my girlies. I guess this makes up for all those years I didn't carry pictures in my wallet. Sooner or later you have to puff up your chest and say, "aren't these people wonderful? They're my family." That's what I'm feeling tonight.

Edit: There's an adorable picture of my daughters doing a craft project together here.


Ro Bruhn said...

What a beautiful family Judy, it's lovely to see photos of your daughters, what lovely girls.
More great journal pages as usual.

Rella said...

Happy Holidays, Judy......I wish for your 'Joy Cup' to flow over the rim in the coming year.
xo Rella

katie said...

lovely, lovely photos. i loved seeing you and your daughters standing together like that - all of you so radiant and beautiful. and that chubby baby :-) so happy you got some smooching time, what i ask you feels sweeter? i'm carrying you in my heart, miss you.

Karen Cole said...

Lovely family images, Judy.

I, too, had a glorious day with mine.

Happiest of holidays and may the new year bring you all things beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Aren't your girls gorgeous, just like you?! Your whole family is beautiful. Blessed Christmas to you!


Anonymous said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! When I look at these photos I feel like I truly know these people that are your family...what a sweet feeling.
Wishing you and your loved ones a most lovely new year. xo

suzi blu said...

Happy New Year Ms. Wise!

One Love Photo said...

I love the holidays and seeing all the photos of family and friends together! MA (dispatch from LA) is such a creative and productive artist, I go to her daily for inspiration! How lucky you are to get a piece of art from her for Christmas! You must have been a VERY good girl!

groovyinclinations said...

Beautiful family, blog and creative projects. I was searching to find something fun this am~ so happy I crossed the path of your bloggie!

Mindy Wilson

Lynn Cohen said...

Loved meeting your lovely family and freinds. Looks like a beautiful time had by all.
Thanks for letting us in.

MezzoKat said...

What a lovely Christmas and charming family, Judy! Thanks for sharing so generously with us.

Maija said...

Your family is beautiful and your girls are beautiful! You also look so beautiful, especially in the photo with the baby!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us, Judy. Your life is full and rich and I wish you all the best you can be for 2008. Happy New Year to you and yours,


Lila Rostenberg said...

The perfect time of year to appreciate and share our love of family!