Monday, July 31, 2017

This Summer's Garden

John's hard work. Finally I got out in the garden and shot some photos for you.
King and Spitzenburg.

Those are the 2 kinds of apples we have on the place.
John's grandpa was an orchard man.
John inherited that gene.

But he grows veggies as well. Like artichokes.

Beans. Lots of beans.


Lots and lots of blackberries.

Blueberries. I've been picking and freezing and giving away.

Bosc. Pears. I'll show you the seckels soon. They are soooo cute.

Corn. This short bed is for the 2nd coming.

The tall bed will be eaten soon. Hand shucked and all that jazz.

A sweet corner of the patio where I sip my mint julep.


Different kind of cucumber grown on a trellis for easy picking.


Alphabetical order. See what I did?

Matelija poppy. Not alphabetical.

These are the plump green figs that are ripe now.

John has an eye for a little color among the edibles.

And he planted tons of glads this year. 

We have many grape varieties.

He can't resist trying new ones.


This long row of grapes was here when we moved in. Very old vines.

The color of kale is exquisite, dont you agree?

As is lace hydrangea.

Lacinato kale.

Perfect little lettuces.

Tomatoes, tomatoes!




Gorgeous black variety.

Pink Daylilies.




Seckel pears. They are the dainty, sweet ones.

Seedheads. Which the birds love.


Tomatoes. Ripe and juicy.

Walking onions. Walking over to the fairy roses.

Walnuts. Many walnuts.

Thanks for stopping by and admiring summer's bounty and John's hard work.



Michele R. Unger said...

Absolutely stunning---and hunger inducing! Good to know you will no go hungry....

Mary G. said...

You could feed a village! Does John do most of the work on his own? It's so very beautiful - makes you realize how we could feed each other and the planet if we just got our act together and started loving the earth and each other - so much beauty!

Karen Cole said...

The Philadelphia Horticultural Society, would be all over this. Quite spectacular!

Ricky Gerontis said...

Judy, this is Ricky.
Wow, Is there anything John-Boy cannot grow? :-)

Judy Shreve said...

What an amazing garden space! Does John hire out?? I am a Master Gardener in my county - I visit lots of gardens and nothing equals this. Such a great mix of veggies, fruit & pollinators. When's dinner?

laurel said...

Wow! So much and so beautiful!

Mariette said...

Hard work...great crop!

stregata said...

Wow! Such variety! And the work...
I have a small vegetable patch, where I try to grow veggies the stores don't offer. Tried fava beans this year and it was a total failure. Sniff. So my highest regard to John - he is a master gardener!

Pilgrim said...

Stunning. The shear beauty leaves speechless. Bravo to John

Unknown said...

What a beautiful labor of love. Thank you for the photos Judy. There is such joy in the entire process of growing one's food. xo

susan hemann said...

Such a wonderful garden! It must be fun to go outside and pick your dinner.

Anonymous said...

Thanks fo much for sharing this years garden with us! All that winter planning and experience makes for an amazing garden. And if memory serves, on only an acre. Your pictures almost carry the flavors to us as well as the the beauty. Thank you both.
Chris Schutz
PS...Thanks so very much for the amazing cold wax class. You and Kathie made each step fun and yummy. Your great balance of instruction and encouragement are greatly appreciated by the whole group. Can't wait to get back into it.