Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Oaxaca Last Call

I'd better finish my story of Oaxaca.
This is the courtyard of the artist, Gabriel Mendoza.
My friend Ellen Benson introduced us.

Lisa Sonora in one of the rooms of Gabriel's domicile.

All of these murals and paintings are the work of Gabriel. That's Ellen in the picture with him.
He's as nice as he looks.

More of Gabriel's work.

He even makes dolls.

And his studio was filled with fascinating assemblages, like this cardboard girl.

And this ghost.

Gabriel is a printmaker, carpenter, man of many experiences and kindnesses.
Artists are so interesting to me and carry so many stories in them.
I love to visit their studios and look at everything; supplies, equipment, work.

On to one of the market places (there are many) where we visit several times a week.
One thing John goes crazy for is buying small pieces of this charming red pottery.
Perfect little hand made dishes for condiments and snacks.

And here is a lady with her turkey.
Nothing unusual for Oaxaca.

This is what you put on your tacos.

And this is what a salad looks like.
This is the land of awesome food.

Suzanne Kinney and I showed paintings and photographs at our show.
Did I mention how blown away I was by the fun of doing that?

Suzanne getting ready for her close up.

Me choosing which paintings to hang.

Ellen Benson and Ruth Price, two of my friends at the opening.
Thank you dear ones.

Lisa and Alex, at home in their excellent creation that combines food and art.

Such a great place, built on love.

Lisa and Vida, having Monday Art Day.

And now the mural.

Lisa had this dream of painting the walls of Art House Oaxaca.

She purchased a boat load of exterior paints in bright colors ...

invited over a few friends ...

and this is what happened.

All in a little over 2 hours!

And yes, visiting artists, we saved some wall for you to paint when you come as well.

I'll close with an image of one of the paintings that went home with a lovely collector from the show.
The title is: "Valentine for Poets and Introverts" and it was painted approximately on Valentines Day.

Thank you for visiting.


lyle baxter said...

GINVU thank you for sharing your lovely spot!

Judy Shreve said...

What a fabulous place you have found - full of art and food and kindness! Thanks for sharing. Your painting is powerfully quiet and full of romance -)

Gigi said...

Thanks for sharing!

Suzanne said...

Sigh! These photos bring back such great memories. Thanks for this blog. Feeling so very fortunate because I love it all and all of us, always. Miss your warm company. See you next year. xoxo

miniARTtour said...

Thanks for sharing
Love the colors !