Wednesday, May 13, 2015


London. How do I love thee? Truly and wholeheartedly.

Michel Fletcher, Kathie Vezzani and I spent only 2 1/2 days there but we packed a lifetime into our hours together.

There was one day that we must have walked 10 miles together.

On both days we visited art museums.

Took a zillion photographs.

Ate a lot of wonderful food.

Filled our senses with all that was new and unfamiliar.

The London skyline.

Browsing the stalls in Covent Garden.

Stopping to rest.

Taking in musicals.

We saw the Commitments.

And Sunny Afternoon.

Excellent shows; the casts sang their guts out for us.

Dang, I love the theatre.

But the National Art Museum.

Can I just say?

And Dumas at the Tate Modern.

Communing with artists from the past.

Yes. They talk to me.

Kathie and her doppelganger from the Renaissance.

The mysterious lady in red.

Michel in a room full of Richters.

Blissed out!

Torture to have to leave so soon.

London, I love you. I love your big city ways, your layers of history, architecture, food and your accent. No, YOUR accent. ha ha. Thank you for the memories.

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Seth said...

I love London as well Judy and so appreciate a reminder of the wonderful things found there. You sure managed to pack in a lot in a short time!

Candace said...

I love London, too, Judy. I hope to return soon -- third time's the charm. Gorgeous photos.

Meri said...

Oh swoon! I haven't traveled for so long.