Saturday, March 07, 2015

My Month in Oaxaca

Every year I love it more.

Supporting local artisans.

Visiting new villages (Ocotlan).

Haunting the local markets.

Connecting with our friends Juanita and her daughter Norma, above.

And Juanita's other daughter, Lucy, here grinding corn for the tlayudas.

Doing lots of walking on the colorful, sunny streets.

Finding a beautiful huipil at a bargain price.

Eating fresh.

Studying and reading.

Getting our pictures taken at the textile museum.

Catching lots of exhibitions.

Admiring the details of old buildings.

Green stone from the local quarry is why they call it the Jade City.

And I think those are angels in the blue, blue sky.

New huaraches that only pinch a little bit. 

Old friends.

Good food.

Was anything difficult?

Why yes. I had the flu for a week and came out of it with a broken eardrum. 
It's on the mend - no worries.

John at Monte Alban.

Saw these cuties watching cartoons on their iPhone.

Fabulous art.

And more fabulous art.

Rode around Zaachila in a tuk tuk.

And John's sister Judy and her family came and spent several weeks with us.
That's her above. She lives in Denver.

More old structures.

This brilliant artist's name is Ramon Sanmiguel. His drawings were so life like it was amazing.

Walked miles and miles through the big Ocotlan market.

And had parties with friends.

It was good.

While I was there I did a lot of painting.

Even through my sick days.

With Politec acrylics. 

Those are Mexican paints with a matte surface.

I love the dry, flat surface.

Plus I took charcoal and a few oil pastels.

I actually painted more than these but will continue to work on a few.

The desert-y palette is because I only had a few colors of paint.

Every day I would spend the morning getting some work done.

Now on Thursday, in four more days, I leave to teach in Mexico City.
And yes, I can't wait. I'm ready for a second helping. 

By the way, just a reminder that we still have a few slots to fill in our Bali Adventure. 
Sue just bought her air ticket today and the fare was very reasonable. Go here to read all about what we'll be doing in Bali and by all means join us if you can. It's going to be the memory of a lifetime.


peggy gatto said...

Your paintings are delicious!!!
Wonderful photos, loos like a grand vacation!
Stay well!
Love your art!

satwagypsy said...

bueno Judy, love the photos and the art but most especially you~ x

liz elayne lamoreux said...

I always love seeing these glimpses into your adventures. xo

Seth said...

What an incredible journey Judy. Thanks for the detailed post -- I feel as though I just spent a day with you!

Karen Cole said...

All I can say is Wow!!!! You are so good at condensing an experience and making someone feel they are with you for the ride.

Michele R. Unger said...

SO very very glad to know you had a marvelous time (except for the ear drum and the week of flu, that is). Welcome home. Now pack for Mexico City! I want to hug the stuffin' out of you, laugh with you and do a little painting while we're at it!

Bear hugs and love, my dear Judy....

Jackie PN said...

What a fabulous post Judy- thank you so much for sharing!
So glad to hear you are on the mend- at least you were somewhere warm and beautiful if you had to be sick-")
Your art is wonderful- love the colorings!

Lynn Cohen said...

I so love reading and SEEING your art in Mexico, it's all art, the food is art, the people is art, the buildings is art, the art is art. I want to draw it all. Did you keep your sketchbook art journaling going too I wonder?

Portland, March 23 week. You there then or gone?

Hugs, and stay well. Your paintings are marvelous. I love the black lines!

Parabolic Muse said...

Hi, Judy! YOU are the best travel guide!! Thanks for sharing these. I saw the city on a tv program--just a few glimpses--and thought of you and how much you belong there, with the colors and beauty and fresh produce and...the art.

Your new pieces look like the softest candy. I love them.

lulu moonwood murakami said...

A whole MONTH in Oaxaca!? What an amazing life you live, Judy! That bench with the chiquitos watching cartoons - is that in the artisans market? I spent a lot of time there with my weaving friend Sergio Mendoza Mendoza. I love Oaxaca.