Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mexico City Part 2

Xochimilco. The lakes in Mexico City where you can swan around in a colorful boat and eat, listen to mariachis and dream exotic dreams in the company of your friends.

Frida did it and we did it too.

The colors were extraordinary. (Hi Joely!)

The air clean, the water clean.

These ladies were in a boat that pulled up alongside ours and fed us lunch.

And mariachis. Of course there were mariachis.


We visited the Dolores Olmos Museum where Diego's estate is housed.

Rumor is that he may have declined in judgment following Frida's passing as his estate ended up in the hands of a woman who was unsympathetic to the rest of his family. But in the end she gave us the museum so thank you Dolores.

There were peacocks on the grounds showing their mating feathers.

And Diego's work.

Such a brilliant artist.

A number of Frida's well-known paintings were here as well.

Can't resist putting in a couple of food pictures. OMG, the food in Mexico!!

Yeah. Cheesecake with boysenberries.

Lovely girls in native splendor.

On this night we went to the home of Nacho Urquiza, author, and Laura Cordera, food stylist for an unforgettable meal and discussion of food, mexican history and to see the art collection there.

Can I mention that the food was incomparable? Isthmus food; every dish and accompanying adult beverage over the moon.

In the middle of the week I taught a class on Sculpey dolls.

I love to see how various artists interpret the guidance I give.

So here is my online class announcement. If you'd like to join in at home and make your own Sculpey dolls in the folk-arty, relaxed style that I teach, on April 13th I'll open the class for you online. Since it is a less involved class than the ones I have offered in the past I'm only charging $50. You can go here to read about it and sign up.

I couldn't get it all in this post so I'll be back for one more part on Mexico City. This is the mantle above the fireplace in our living room at the Branch of the Red Tree House. Big sigh. It was good. 



Karen Cole said...

Wow again.......I am not a doll person, but you are an inspirational teacher.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

It was all good. Congrats on your new class. I loved all of yours and your new students dolls. I have a favorite painting in this post but I'm not sure if it is by Frida or Diego. I'm not as familar with Diego's. Anyway it is the man painting. Supurb! I'm loving that you all had such a fun and full and varied itinerary.