Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Remembering Bali

After a couple of weeks in Australia Trish and I boarded Garuda Airlines and traveled to Bali. 
We and the encausticampers stayed at Rumah Roda in Ubud, shown above.

Both of these views are looking out my circular bathroom windows, taken at different times of day.

This is a view from the 2nd story restaurant at Rumah Roda.

The door and sitting area of my habitation.

One of my pedicures.

A typical curry dish served at Rumah Roda.

My bed where I slept like a queen.

I was able to spend 3 days printing, tjanting and dyeing at Widya Batik Studio to the Northeast of Ubud. 
I made and sold batiks years ago and it was good to return to a process I love. 
In fact since I've been home I've thought of nothing but indigo and wax.

Stamping fabric with the hot metal stamps and wax.

Hand painting after a dip dye.

Ready for the indigo.

One of my indigo creations. 

This is a photograph of the fields of indigo being grown at the farm at Threads of Life, another batik studio we visited before encaustic classes started. 

Here you can see the iridescent surface of the pot of indigo dye and the leaves floating in it.

Another view of Rumah Roda.

 Several of us visited a wood carving studio.

Here the group is at a silver workshop at the Pondok Pekak Library, making keepsake rings.

Some brave and daring souls decided to commemorate their experience with tattoos.

A number of us took classes in wood carving. 

Yes, I was craving familiar food after a couple of weeks!

My friend Kathie who organizes trips asked if I wanted to go back and teach this coming September. At first I said, "too soon". 
But now I've been thinking. 
Twist my arm - lol.


Kathie Vezzani said...

LOL, really?

bumblebee said...

what a wonderful post full of glorious pictures. You really hit the nail right on the post of perfection….Bali just a dream of memories now, but really one of the most delight adventures to be on. Glad I was part of the ride

robin west said...

what a lovely dream come true, thanks for taking me along for the ride.

Michele R. Unger said...

It looks even more magnificent than I expected! I am so happy you had such an amazing time and that you shared it with your eager followers, me included! Welcome home.


Bren Graham Thebeau said...

What an amazing photo journey, line location, the art, perfection

Gigi said...

Beautiful photos...looks like heaven!

Lynn Cohen said...

Magical, Judy! Simply magical! Wow! said...


Judy Martin said...

You have an amazing life!
Thank you for this photo journey.

The multi coloured batik/indigo piece that you did was really inspired and inspiring.

As others have said - magical.