Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Oaxaca Wrap Up

 I made a montage of my photographs to give you peeks inside our Oaxacan experience. 
In the one above Ane Elena is showing us how to make Molotes, Tinga and Churros. 
Ane Elena lives in Puebla and owns three successful bakeries. 
She spent the entire trip with us as a translator and co-guide with Kathie Vezzani and even painted with us.

We visited the paper making place that Toledo set up in St. Augustine-Etla.

The potters who made the black pottery. Reduction fired in the pits shown in the photo after being rubbed with stones and graphite. 
The shop we visited was filled with brilliant work and many of us jumped at the chance to bring some home.

 At Susana Trilling's "Seasons of the Heart" cooking school we learned how to make cheese, 2 moles, rice with herbe congrejo, a fabulous salad and chocolate dessert made with mezcal and orange liquere. 

We visited a cochineal farm and learned about the dyes used in wool rugs the area is famous for. 
Got to see plants growing of cotton (green and tan in addition to white), marigolds and indigo. 
And a few other plants used for dye that I've forgotten the names of. 

We ate. Oh, did we eat. Mango omelettes, tinga tostados, moles and tacos.

We shared friendships.

We ate in the market and shopped and made necklaces.

 All the food in the image above was from one meal at Origen restaurant. 
Those are the courses with 2 desserts shows. I think there were five courses.
 And fancy cocktails. Swoon.

 Katie with her nahuatl totem the armadillo in the Painters Museum and more. Lots of art to inspire.

 More views of the paper making and former textile factory at St. Augustine-Etla.

 Las artistas at work.

Cooking up a storm at Seasons of the Heart.

 Susana Trilling and the cooks.

Precious memories. A whirlwind of color, flavor and art.

Next stop, Mexico City in March, 2015. Think about it. xo


Kathie Vezzani said...

This is fabulous!!!

Ro Bruhn said...

What an amazing time you must have had Judy, so much colour everywhere and such wonderful company. xo

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

All so wonderful!! What a rich experience you all had.

Karen Cole said...

A perfectly done wrap up.

Seth said...

This retreat had everything. Love the tour...thank you!

michelle allen said...

this looks AMAZING!!! i would love to go in March. i will have to work on buttering up my hubs :) really love your pictures and taking us with you on your adventure!

Michele R. Unger said...

Beautiful post, Judy, just perfect. You brought all the color and flavors and most especially, the friendship back to share. I had such fun! Can't wait for March....

Anonymous said...
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Parabolic Muse said...

Judy!! Holy mole, woman!!


You have done fabulosity, here, because there is SO much LIFE to include on this multiple images and I'm so excited to see them all!! I can feel the comradery, the celebration, even the weariness at the end of a day. Talk about SOAKING UP EXISTENCE!!

No, really. Talk about it.