Sunday, April 06, 2014

More Spring, More Busting Out

Nothing slows time and nothing stops spring. Halleluia.

The family started off Sunday morning with a walk in a nearby park. 

We saw fungi.

 Pretty pink flowers. Elderberry?

Gorgeous yellow willow, shrieking to high heaven.

More shy fungi.

Hushed to us perhaps, but these woods are full of inter-species communication. 
All the green things are talking and carrying on like anything.

Or are these the elderberries?

I know these are trillium. They were everywhere.

When I got home I grabbed the camera and ran around taking pictures for you. Lots going on.

The plum trees, asian pears, and peach tree are all in bloom.

We have wallflowers. (Or are they forget-me-nots?)

The over wintered kale is blooming.

An april delicacy.

Leeks and garlic. 

More kale. 

An occasional tulip.

Spring onions.

The mache pit. We've been eating tons of this.

Big lumbers from some tree thinning. Firewood for next winter.

Buds on the lilacs.

Flowering. Everything is springing to life.

Shrinking violets.

The mister's been thinning the herd with his little tools. He does it so tenderly; thanks each one for their service.

The seedlings are stretching out.

They are happy and hopeful.

It's the beginning of everything.

The world is new again.

I got a visit from an old beloved friend that I had not seen in 40 years. 

Just imagine that. The part about the 40 years.

We were exactly as we remembered each other. No, better. In those days we went to Mexico on spring break, both attended ASU and both worked graveyard at Motorola in Phoenix, Arizona. 

We shared the closest friendship for several years. And then I moved to Oregon and she moved to Ohio to go to graduate school. 

And we lost touch.

What a gift to be reunited. 

One of the best parts of having a blog is that it gives me an opportunity to reflect on life's goodness. At my age I'm no longer interested in talking about what's difficult. (Yes, the molar's been pulled, the bone graft inserted, my face is swollen and I have a yellow bruise the size of Brazil on my jaw.) Those things happen to all of us. But after putting up a blog post like this one, my heart sees what really counts in my life and that is my family, my friends, and this beautiful world that I've gotten to live in for so many seasons. 

I hope you're noticing spring (or fall!) where you live and that you are counting your blessings as well. I'll catch you up on the art news when I next return. xo


Michele R. Unger said...

O Glorious Spring! You are just enough south of me to be about two weeks further into the glories of spring flowers. Cheery cherry trees (and plums and apple and pears, too) are in full bloom, but no sign yet of bleeding hearts or blooming tulips in my years. Soon. Very soon, and v.v. much anticipated. Thanks for the preview!

Soft little kiss to you on the "bruise the size of Brazil" and a hug. Sorry you had to go through it, happy it's behind you.

More flowers!!!

carolsue said...

No one says "spring" better than you. It makes me feel like my part of the world is already there, and yet we're weeks away. Big thanks for your blogging. It always makes me smile.

More About Me? said...

So beautiful. What a blessing to be outside in springtime and enjoy the weather and all the goodness. Soon it will happen here and I can not wait. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your spring with us. Beautiful photographs!!!

Pilgrim said...

What a beautiful tribute to spring, family, friendship and life. I love the statement about at our age only seeing and discussing the good in life. What a great lesson.

Ro Bruhn said...

What beautiful inspiration Judy, so lovely to see all of the new growth, we are slowly approaching autumn, though summer still keeps hanging on. The pink flowering bush is a flowering currant, at least that's what we call, it here and in the UK, it doesn't have fruit though only the hanging flowers. xo

Unknown said...

what a beautiful spring you are having!! i LOVE how green everything is! i guess you don't have layers and layers of pollen there in oregon :)…i cannot wait to see you and the beauty that surrounds you there

lyle said...

gorgeous pics. thank you for sharing your spring. ours is a bit slower here in the east. hyacinths blooming, daffys everywhere. birds starting construction! thank goodness for all of it!

Gigi said...

"Gorgeous yellow willow, shrieking
to high heaven." You are a poet as well as an artist!

Gigi said...
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Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, I enjoyed reading this post. I always look forward to seeing your garden and Spring through your eyes. The beginning of everything. Perfectly said!

Kim Mailhot said...

Your spring feast for the eyes brings me hope, Judy, and gratitude for this very moment. New England is still on the grey side. We await the green with anticipation !
Love knowing you are surrounded by beauty and good, good loving.

Tara's Art Camp said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos, they make me happy.

Tara's Art Camp said...

i also loved the comment about,,,,at my age I don't want to talk about what's difficult...What a wonderful reminder,,,I needed that. Let's concentrate on all the wonderfulness we have,,,,will have.

Jan's Art and Musings said...

Judy, thanks for sharing your photos and words of wisdom. Beautiful.

Clare Wassermann said...

Hi - your flowers are Ribes ... a flowering currant. Lovely - I photographed mine earlier today coincidentally.

http:/ said...

Oh, your photos have heartened me. We're a bit behind you in the season here in Chicago. It's so great to see all this color.

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

thanks for the photo reminder of what spring looks like, we are still buried in several feet of snow yet :-)

Unknown said...

Love the spring photo's. Nothing is happening in my garden yet. The snow is still melting. I must say that I love how 'Mister' secures his seedlings. I will remember this for my own.

Rebecca said...

Wonderful photographs! For me there is nothing else in life like the new greenery of Spring!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments and images, Judy! It's been so dry in L.A. that our gardens have a totally different look. I love that your space is so springly green. And seeing the emerging and thriving seedlings is such a pleasure. Now, seeing YOU would be more of a pleasure. Perhaps sometime....

Judi Delgado said...

Ooops, Judy. I didn't mean to be "Anonymous". It's ME :-)

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh my heaventy sakes. Thank you so much for sharing these. Do you know that I have a secret favorite love of a favorite thing, and that's the little teeny tiny feathery, tippy-toe things that dance around flowers from their middles? What are those?

floral sex organs?!! What?!

well, I love them. They're sassy.

I once knew a fungi, but he just left the next morning and didn't call.