Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A New Class Announcement

Before my travels I planned an online face painting class as a result of requests made by my friends in San Miguel. To be honest, this is my dream class; I get to paint my favorite subjects with you guys by my side. If you want to read more about this class, go here and join the party. Meanwhile I'll be filming and editing and making the class really fun for you.

I bought a full set of Politec acrylics while I was in Mexico so I could paint while I was there. I love and don't love them. 

I love the dry, fresco like surface of the paint but they dry so fast that it's like painting with tempera paint. So for me, unable to blend, it was a struggle to paint subtle value changes.

I missed my Golden.

I put Waterlogue on both my iPad and iPhone while I was there and created the following image. 

Then I copied it very loosely in my journal. I got the idea from Jeanne Oliver  and it was fun.

I tried to match the color and values. I was working under artificial lighting and with a limited set of colors (no dark blue or glaze colors) ... still it was informative.

Paint. It always lifts me up.

And then there's the archetype of the madonna. Who can resist trying to capture her?

As well as that, I've always liked to draw bad girls; smokers and bar stool sitters with a black line up the back of their calves from old fashioned nylons. Winking at sailors. Extremes appeal to me.

Ugh. See that tooth? I went to the dentist this morning and found out I have to have my back molar pulled (a molar that I have fought to save with a root canal and a crown and every kind of tooth saving procedure). So pulled. Out. And then an implant put in. I'm writhing just thinking about it.

You should know my life is more than la la la. 

So yeah. Coming home and hitting reality with a thud.

Anyway, that's about all the news for today.

Sending out good wishes to everyone. Be safe and let's all imagine an end to this brutal weather. 


Kimberley McGill said...

I am so excited to hear about this face painting class!!!! Going over to read all about it now.

Unknown said...

Oh Judy, Looks fabulous!!! I absolutely love your faces! Your Madonna is gorgeous ;)


Stephanie Lee said...

Boy oh boy is this a wonderful thing or what?!?! You work magic with your faces...I feel stories in them when i see them so much I nearly have to cover my ears to keep from being swept into a whole other reality. What a treat for all of us who love learning from you!! (welcome home!!) xox

Michele R. Unger said...

I am so sorry about the tooth. I can relate and it makes me sad you lost the good fight.

I just made myself very happy....I am signed up for your Faces class! Can't wait!


Karen Cole said...

Face it……… are an amazing face painter!!!

Looking forward to painting with you once again….any paints will do, we'll figure it out…Yes?

I got me some waterlogue as well. I am doing the opposite of what you re doing. I photograph my work and then waterlogue it. I was never a huge watercolor fan, so this is pretty darn neat.

Janet said...

The class looks fun! Art and Soul in Portland is happening during that time, so its going to be a really busy time.

Glad you had a nice time in Mexico! WIsh I had been there too. Sorry about the tooth - that sucks.

At least we survived the snow-apocalypse!

Judi D. said...

Thanks for the waterlogue app! Oh, my, how addicting. I had left watercolor behind as I concentrated on other things, but you have inspired me to return by sharing this app. What fun!

Sorry about the tooth - ugh!

kim beller said...

judy! so excited about your class~ can't wait.
your journal pages are beautiful.
sorry to here about the tooth. yuck. that kind of stuff wigs me out too. sending good healing vibes your way. xo love and missing you~

Patricia said...

Judy, I admire your work and your writing. I want to thank you for sharing the full range of adventures in your life. Yes - the tooth is bad news but, in a strange way, it was reassuring to hear that you experience similar life challenges to mine.

Judy Wise said...

Oh Patricia, I assure you that my life has its rough spots. It's the human condition.

Parabolic Muse said...


I'm taking it. shut up.

(what I mean is: please don't yell at me for saying shut up-- I'm just excited!)

I can't wait.
I'm emailing you.



Parabolic Muse said...

and I'm EXTREMEly in love with your self portrait.

Timaree said...

Do you have a list of supplies for the class that we can see before purchasing the class?

Judy Wise said...

Sure. The supply list is here:

Pilgrim said...

I am so excited, I just signed up for this class. I am putting all other online classes on hold for 20 days while I take this class because most of the classes involve painting faces and I need to feel more comfortable painting them. I am going to give this class my all.

Gigi said...

Help, Judy! Get ready to let out a huge exasperated sigh. I cannot find the website for the online faces class. I thought I was putting in the right passwords for it, but then noticed they were for your journal class. Can you email the link??? I don't know what happened. It just disappeared. Please? Thank you.

Gigi (martha glennon grush)

Unknown said...

Did you paint all of this? If so, you’re very talented. These paintings looks lovely! And you even add a touch of reality on it, just like your experience with your tooth and dentist. And speaking of, how is it? I hope your tooth has been successfully saved.


L.O. said...

Hi. I just discovered your website and love your work. I missed out on the face painting class. Do you plan on running this class again in the future? Thank you. Lei