Friday, September 27, 2013

Santa Fe and Denver Visit

Time out for a little trip east to Denver and the Land of Enchantment. 

 We drove down to New Mexico in a caravan of 3 vehicles with our dear Denver relatives and were jointed there by another family contingent. Our people. It was insanely fun.

Went to the Farmer's Market where every kind of produce was on hand after the harvest. Chilis roasting and gorgeous big vegetables.

The colors were spectacular.


 We traipsed up and down Canyon Road and went to the bookstore on Garcia. Drank lattes and ate our weight in green chilis, carnitas and margaritas.

I got to see work by my favorite artists; too many to mention here.

A little roadside triangle pose to loosen up after hours in the car.

Some hyperventilating on seeing the work in person of my online crush, Charlotte Foust. (And Kevin Tolman, OMG!)

Antonito's tin hat church. A whole lot of whimsy on the New Mexican high desert.

I got to wear my cowgirl boots with my Alabama Chanin outfit. Felt like a kid!

Here are some of my beloveds. And that guy in front? My heart be still. William's the son of my husband's sister's daughter. Got that? He is so funny and smart; I told him he was headed to be a stand up comic. Love love love.

We made this trip to celebrate John's birthday with his sister who gave him the cooking pot in the photo above. She sat on him when he was a little kid but now they are best friends. 

Here we are at Pranzo's on the Birthday night. Gratitude for so much. 

In 2 weeks now I'll be headed to San Miguel de Allende to teach and play for 3 weeks. More good food!! Those are yerba santa leaves in the photo above. I wish you could smell them. John will take them to our friend with the Mexican restaurant in Oregon City. He has several giant bushes even though no one can believe they grow in our climate.

This is the size of our main plant. It's a doozy.

While we were in Santa Fe we got to witness a fabulous lightening storm. We don't get them in Oregon so I filmed a bit of it and will share it with you. It starts off with food - what else?

Sending love and peace as always. xo


Susan said...

Though living in Florida, this part of the country is my origin and love. Thanks for the wonderful photos. You captured it! And there is really nothing better than eating your way through New Mexico.

alison cook said...

I fell in love with your photo of the purple corn and the chili wreath. I shared your corn photo on my facebook page before realizing it was your personal photo. I will take it down if you request.
thank you so much for your log - you provide me with a lot of artistic inspiration and your husband always amazes with his beautiful garden. Thank you. Alison Cook

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

What a trip! Full of people you love and places that spark the creative juices. Just loved the photo journal of your adventure, such colours!

kim beller said...

it all looks like so much fun! i LOVE the boots!
and you. xox

Kathy said...

Oh Judy, you are a wonderful tour guide. I have to investigate the yerba santa because I have never even heard of it.

Judy Wise said...

Alison, both of those photos were taken by Rick Munoz, my husband's sister's daughter's husband. He gave me permission to post them without accreditation and I doubt if he'd mind that you reposted them. He's an amazing photographer and always takes better pictures than I do, especially since I've gotten lazy about it. He also took the photos in the grouping; my favorite. Yay Rick!

Judy Shreve said...

What a beautiful trip - family, food, art, roasting chills and all that fabulous color!
Thanks for taking us along! - even after the fact.
Have fun in San Miguel.

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous photos, so much inspiration there Judy and I love your outfit. Happy birthday to John too, you make a lovely couple.

Michele R. Unger said...

Such beautiful photos! How can you not have the best of times with family and food and lots of fun! I was so happy reading your words. Your happiness just oozed out of the lovely post and it was a joy to read. Have a grand time in San Miguel and if you get to Quinta Irma (for their beautiful pottery) be sure and say hi from me!

Heather said...

Glad you enjoyed the Land of Enchantment and the City Different!

Jo Reimer said...

What a fun time that must have been with your best loved relatives, full of laughter, color, sounds and even a lightning storm to add an exclamation point to your trip. Love the purple corn. It wouldn't surprise me if I heard that John got some purple corn seeds for his next garden.

Stephanie Lee said...

i'm totally smitten with the picture of you and John!! (Happy Birthday, Farmer Man!!)
Thank you for the way you see the world. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Judi Delgado said...

Oh, that video just dropped my blood pressure and lifted my heart. LOVE that sound. Sigh. Don't get much of that in Southern California. Looks like a wonderful trip, Judy.