Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pen Love

I've always loved pens. I literally have hundreds of them. But that didn't stop me from ordered a bunch more. Flex pens. Pens with odd looking tips. Inks. I've been drawing.

I'm not one of those people who draws with precision. I have a brother-in-law who can freehand a building with cupolas, windows, all sorts of architectural features and not get a line out of place. That isn't me. I wish. But no.

I'm going to show you some pages drawn in the last few days in my new Stillman & Birn Gamma sketchbook. I'm trying out new pens, new inks, new approaches. The spiffy clean sketchbook is rather intimidating.

The first sketch is wobbly and tight.

So I drew the second one with a stick. ha ha. But no.

Drew another one so tight I can hardly breathe looking at it.

And don't make the mistake I did of looking at all the other sketch artists online. Especially those Urban Sketch Crawlers in Singapore. Don't look!!


Compare and despair. But I'm not giving up.

I want to sketch and I want it to be fun.

It isn't fun when you're trying too hard. It's only fun when you're learning along the way and seeing improvement.

You have to kiss a frog or two.

And just accept whatever comes.

So I'm just going to draw. Like a mad photographer capturing images good and indifferent.

I'm going to ride this pony until I've had my fill.

Danny Gregory and his guests entertained me today.

Liz Steel is a real inspiration - enthusiastic and fun. She visited the Singapore Urban Sketchers and I added another item to my bucket list. (yeah, I'm dreaming.)  If you click on the link you can hear a great interview. I've listened to it twice now.

Here's a peony for anyone who doesn't have one. The rhodies are popping, we have new fruit trees, and I'll try to do a garden post next time. But no promises. I have some sketchin' to do. xo


Leslie said...

I think your sketches are wonderful! Really wonderful!

I would think I was pretty awesome if my sketchbook looked like this. Please keep sharing!


travelrom said...

I so admire journaling and sketch books full of interesting pictures and comments. Why don't I do it?

Lynn Cohen said...

You are too funny. I look at your drawings and wonder, will I ever be that good?

Kelly Kilmer said...

Dearest Judy,
Please stop comparing and despairing! Your pages are so wonderfully you!!! Please keep them coming.
Have you seen Carol Tyler's comic book work? You may want to check her out.

femminismo said...

Good gravy! These sketches are so brilliant that even on my tiny smart phone they are hugely wonderful! Can I use three exclamation marks in a row? Thank goodness for questions!

Gloria Martin said...

Tres' groovy!

Caatje said...

Oh wonderful, just wonderful! And...does it help when I say that I am intimidated when I compare my work to yours? It's all relative, right?

soulbrush said...

Came over from facebook to visit you- these are all WOW!

Beth said...

Judy, I know just what you mean! Tia's work from Singapore is amazing- I love the way she throws on the watercolor first and sketches over it. I'm with you , though , just sketching every day and having fun, exploring, learning, trusting the process. You've always been an inspiration to me-- finding the joy in the journey is the key. Thanks so much for sharing these new ones.

patti said...

perfection is boring! I love your sketches Judy!

Victoria said...

I like the Seattle Urban Sketchers website...their work was used in a drawing class this spring. Hanging with them might be an easier way to make a dent in that bucket.

Lisa Graham said...

Wow Judy Wise...your sketches are fabulous. I LOVE your teacup! And the patience it must have took to draw your kitchen. I don't think it's that tight. That Danny boy is one cool dude. Checking out the interview. Thanks!

gigi said...

What a fun wonderful sketchbook! I laughed at your commentary all the way through.

Deb's Artful Journey said...

Ditto what everyone else said! I love your drawings and wish mine were that great! Compare and despair... :D

dorylyn said...

you are really really good. me, not so much. i tried sketching the other day and when i asked my husband what he thought. he asked me if i was going to add hair to the fat lady. i TOLD him it was a pear! yes, you are really really good.

Leigh said...

Just love these...thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Holy crap Judy, LOVE these!!!
You always amaze and inspire me.
Love, jenny

Ps: miss you :)

gina rossi armfield said...

Love the sketches - all. I love my pens too - I use the noodler's flex and ahab pens and my new favorite is the LAMY JOy pen. Also have been using Noodler's Polar Brown bulletproof ink for a change which gives things a softer look. Love Liz Steele as well. Hope you are doing well!

Kim Rae Nugent said...

I just love all of your experimenting with different styles! As always thank you for sharing!

Carol said...

Oh yes, have fun with this Judy! I sure had fun looking. Wonderful.

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed viewing your sketchbook. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us, Judy!

Jennifer W. said...

The rhodies really are poppin'!!! And the wisteria... there are some just down the street on Belmont I am so tempted to just grab them and run. LOVELY post (as always)... pens make my mouth water. Seriously. And to see what YOU do with them makes my heart skip a beat... anxious to see you this weekend.. xo

Cynthia Lee said...

I am inspired.

Sketching needs to move from the "i want to" to the "just do it"

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

your sketches are all are to hard on yourself( i am also with all just a moment in time.....some are better than others...xo

Parabolic Muse said...

Dear Mother of the Sketchbook of heaventy sakes;

Get over yourself! This is lucious and fantastic! And beautiful! Judy, I just now bought my first watercolor set! NOW what am I supposed to do?! I've already compared! And it's daunting!!!!!!


I'll send you my set, since I won't be using it now.

Thank you thank you for showing all of this and forcing me to get more pens than you have. YAY!

(all I needed was any slight reason)

Vicky said...

Judy, over the years, I've bought some of your art at local fairs and peeked at your blog on many occasion, but I was surprised today to see that you've been sketching. You should join the Urban Sketchers Portland group sometime for a sketch crawl. The next one's in June ( and I'm sure you'd have the chance to sketch with some kindred souls. The group's been around for a few years and some of us have even had the chance to meet and sketch with other Urban Sketchers from around the world. Come sketch with us sometime!

Mary Ann said...

i have no idea how i missed this post!
get down here to LA this instant and teach me everything you know. if you don't i'm just gonna show up at your doorstep.
every single sketch is brilliant. those lines are brimming with life.
love love love