Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sere Beauty

You could say January is why I love June.

Except that yes, it has its moments.

Cozy indoor activities.

Occasional forays out into nature.

Warm slippers, hot tea, quiet hours for meditation and poetic musings.

A time for filling the well.

New things being imagined.

Old things over wintering.

Hope in all her colors.

Shelter and patience.

Being satisfied with what is.



Anonymous said...

Such a precious meditation on this time of year.

Shelley Wuitchik said...

Lovely musings Judy.

Lynn Cohen said...

And yet today we had sun, 59 degrees, a peaceful drive on county roads, bird and animal sitings, drawing over latte at a Starbucks, return home to lazy afternoon and evening, painting said drawings, cat on lap warming cooler night, and soon Downton Abby, a perfect day, a lovely season of my life!

lyle baxter said...

your photos are lovely! June has become one of my favorite thoughts since we have been plagued with this bitter cold and snowy weather! Enough!

Stephanie Lee said...

I've never seen such a tidy garden that, in the summer, is an explosion of productivity.
I love how you see things and even more how you manage to share them so beautifully with us all.

Linda Sue said...

Yours looks very like ours...the moss is having it's day, that is for sure!

Caterina Giglio said...

No ... seriously ... your January is so beautiful... mine is WHITE and the forecast is for continued WHITE!! LOL! thank you for this beauty break! x

Michele R. Unger said...

Quiet, beautiful (wet) photos. Love this post, Judy. XO

Kim Mailhot said...

It has its moments...and that quiet comtemplative time is good when you give into it...
Love and peace to you, Judy Blue Eyes!

Jennifer W. said...

I loved the few days of January that I experienced last week after arriving here.. and now February, oh February... started with 55 degree days..I think I'll like it here and love what is popping through the ground in your garden.. xo

femminismo said...

Judy, is that eighth picture of brussel sprouts or broccoli? We saw some today at Edgefield in Troutdale and I wondered. February is a real test isn't it?