Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The State of the Studio

Here's part of the tomato haul John and I canned today. There are still two canners full; we process them outside on the deck over a propane outdoor stove so the house doesn't heat up. We got a bumper crop this year; very grateful for that and the good weather this summer.

This is my favorite new tomato this summer. I grew it in a pot outside my studio door and it's called "Sweet Olive". It's a hybrid; really a remarkable flavor.

They do look exactly like firm olives and are sweet as the name indicates. Nothing like those watery salad minis that squirt you in the eye.

The studio, despite my deep decluttering of the past week is still a riotous mess. Well, a lot's getting done so that's what happens.

Love my new supply carts. I do feel organized now.

The non-representational work continues to pour out of me along with the preparations for the mixed media class in North Carolina in two weeks. The papers below are ones I painted for the packets. I always like to include handmade paper when I can.

These were painted on kraft paper. Love the khaki colors. (Inspired by the fabulous Pam Garrison.)

Gulping down every warm, drowsy, golden moment of late summer. Eating plums, grapes, watermelon and being lazy as much as I can. Oh life, you are such a business. Mood swings, beauty, yearning and time. How grateful I am to have experienced so much, both difficult and wonderful. 

I wish you every pleasure, every connection to your own heart. xo


Joy Hall said...

I have never worked in mixed media, but your studio makes me want to get my hands dirty and whip up something creative.

Ever teach in the Philadelphia area?

Leslie said...

What a happy, busy plac your studio is! Love your work, always. And I love those supply carts! Before I even read your comment about them, I thought, "I need someone those!" your tomatoes look wonderful. Ours have been a little disappointing - maybe the weather or a lack of light. My garden is getting so grown up, that the light isn't what it once was.

Also, Philadelphia would be a great place to teach!


jsantini2 said...

What lovely places to be: your studio, your garden. So inspiring. Just what I needed now that I'm falling into my "end of summer funk". Thanks :)

Marit said...

Your post has that 'late Summer easy feeling' and I love it! Have been looking at your studio photos for a long time, seeing different things every time. I hope the sun shines as beautiful on you today as it does on the last photo!

GailNHB said...

So I guess now you will begin making my mouth water with all the photos of canned and cooked foods as we approach fall. (Please post more photos of the farm and your hubby and the beautiful food you all grow!!!)

Those tomatos look wonderful.

Mixed media in NC??? That's my home state!

Peace be with you, Judy.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a fabulous bounty, they look delicious. We are just preparing the soil ready for planting ours.
Your painted paper looks gorgeous, it should be framed.

Mary said...

Judy, you live a rich and full life, soaking up all the moments of it!

Love your beautiful painted papers, and getting glimpses of a working studio!

Grace and peace

smiles, Sharon said...

What glorious photographs....all that delicious red, and then to end up with your beautiful painted papers. I am actually in your mixed media class in SC. Looking forward to meeting you. smles: sharon

Judy Shreve said...

I always swoon over your garden photos - luscious plants and all those canned goods. Just YUM!

Your studio looks lively - and your work always inspires. Wish I could get to NC for your workshop -- wave to me when you fly over Georgia.

Lynn Cohen said...

Judy your life is so full and surrounded by such beauty inside and out. I love coming to visit you here.

Gloria Martin said...

It would be heaven on earth spending time in that studio with you. Your students in N.C. are certainly in for a major treat!!! xo

Chris said...

Oh how I wish I had time to grow a fabulous garden like that! I love the painted paper. The carts are a great can roll them around wherever you are working. Time to pick up my studio again, I'm starting to trip over things:/ xo

Lisa Griffen said...

Your post and your photos made me smile.

There's a lot of stuff packed into that studio! Impressive. :-)

Darlene K Campbell said...

I adore your studio. Love the large windows and that piece with all the drawers. I have a huge heavy old piece I work at with 12 large-deep drawers in the front of it. Then I have a stackable (3 piece) railroad file drawer piece.It has 36 drawers...hooray.
The tomatoes are beautiful. I just picked cherry tomatoes for my sibs. I planted on plant and it looks like the beanstalk Jack climbed. Heavy with fruit. Picked grapes and need to make juice and jelly. But when? ha ha. Thanks for sharing the photos of your studio...very inspiring.

Unknown said...

Your studio is awesome. I can see that all the magic happens in that room. I would love to learn mixed media. You inspired me.
bean bag chair

Donna Heart said...

I would frame those papers just as they are - so beautiful! Where I live tomatoes grow so easily and this year I made tomato jam - that's right - lovely and sweet just like a strawberry jam, except with tomatoes - sooo yummy on a scone with cream!!!

Anonymous said...

It's been a very pleasant summer this year. I need to get some tomatoes and can them. It's so nice to have those rows of glowing red on the shelves. Very satisfying to look at. :)

Denice (inkstitch) said...

Love every bit of this post, the papers, the tomatoes, the riotous mess. Such beauty, all.

Parabolic Muse said...

Okay, Judy. Quite seriously. I started to cry when I saw those papers. What is it about it that makes us react that way?

And those tomatoes! And that studio!!!

I may not be able to come back here. I'm very delicate.