Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet Summer

Oh it's good to be busy, to have work that you love and a quiet, calm life. Not that every day is but on balance it is so.

Out takes from the wax video demos. I'll dribble them in here and there. I love the rhythm of these days; "filming" in the early part of the work day then editing and sending them to the vault. Going to bed each night with a feeling of accomplishment. It suits me.

And it solves the vocal challenge. All I have to do is increase the volume in the editing process and my voice is strong. And not worn out at the end of the day. I would just deflate if I couldn't teach. It is who I am.

Meanwhile the corn is gaining ground, very happy in their little bucket homes.

Who wouldn't be happy under this pampered little tent? Protected from stray corn pollen; cozy as anything.

It's been so long since I've posted journal pages and art. But I've been making. Just not blogging. Sheesh, it's busy over here after all in the middle of the Plaster class and all.

And that has been fun too; I just love being on the computer and actually feeling like I'm working and not just roaming around. Well, I still do that too.

I'll finish with some garden shots.

The beans and carrots are stretching their arms.

The apples are slumbering, dreaming of fall's pleasures.

And the sign-ups are coming in for the wax class this fall. What a bargain. If only someone had offered me all this information in such a concise, easy form. Instead I've studied for years, traveled from one coast to another and driven back and forth to many classes to gather the knowledge. For you guys. 

Oh yes I did.


Sharon Tomlinson said...

Judy, I always enjoy seeing all you show. Love the garden picks. The corn experiment is looking good. Corn in on the ground here in Texas already burned up.
Congrats on your online classes. I agree they are so fun to produce and then have an online classroom.

Kelly said...

I am usually a lurker, but I wanted to say that you are a huge inspiration to me. I work with wax as well and find it the best medium! I love everything about it. I am working on teaching kids art classes and encaustics is one of the mediums we are going to work in. Normally I would be hesitant, but my 9 year old daughter loves it so much that I have to teach it to the kids. I LOVE your new book. I am thinking that teaching them plaster while I learn it would be a good thing too. I hope you keep posting and letting us see your amazing work.

kluless said...

Judy, your garden is just so amazing - kudos to John!! What do you do with all of it with just the two of you, do you can and freeze or just share? Love seing your art and John's, as well!

lynda Howells said...

personally l am so glad you travelled and gathered all that info etc on l can do your classxxthank you Judy. Love seeing your work, journal pages and your wonderful garden.xxhope the voice is holding out and can't wait till Oct!xxlynda enjoying the Plaster bkx

Ruth Armitage said...

And you have gifted us with this great opportunity. I can't wait! Thanks for your generosity & spirit Judy. As always, a huge inspiration!

Dawn E. Shepherd Nguyen said...

Judy - I love you and all that you share.
Rock on my friend, rock on!
Dawn E Nguyen
Mother Rubber

Unknown said...

Loving all the goodnes in your garden and of course your magical studio. Thank you for teaching us Judy you are so generous with your talents! I'm excited for more plaster play tomorrow but first I'm picking strawberries for homemade jam!
Much Love,

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Oh it was wonderful stopping by for a visit to your studio AND a walk through the fabulous and fruitful garden. I love everything! Aren't those corns lucky and pampered???

Sending love up the coast to you and your sweet gardener husband.

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

schulmanart said...

Your art journals are amazing!Sounds like you're having a wonderful summer.I love what you're doing with the wax. Great blog, I'm following now and also on twitter.


Susana Tavares said...

Your book has arrived and I really love it...wonderful work, wonderful techniques :) Congratulations!!!!
I have made some publicity on my blog :)

Melinda Bloom said...

I tried to leave a comment here the other day and had difficulty. I love your seeing your work...your husband's garden emerging. It is a beautiful life! I'm just doing tomatoes this year - too much else going on. Nice to know I can take a "walk" through your blog-garden anytime tho'!!

Pam said...

Hi Judy, This is Pam Holladay in Bellingham, WA. I am curious as to how to grow corn as shown. It is so wet and cold this year. I am growing my corn in rubber feed bins. They seem to heat up the soil. Tonight we ate our first fennel. Yummy orange and fennel salad. Please check out my blog and click as a follower: Pam

Judy Wise said...

Hi Pam. John cut the bottoms out of the plastic buckets before burying and planting with the corn seeds. Important to let the roots drain. You have a lovely blog. Hurrah for the gardeners!! Boo on the wet spring.

rebecca said...

my name is rebecca and i am
obsessed with plaster.

i am holding plaster obsession group therapy today at postcards from paradise. i sincerely hope you will attend.


( i am registering for your hot wax workshop as soon as i can peel the plaster off my credit card!)

singing your praises today at recuerda mi corazon.

Jennifer White said...

As always, the garden looks glorious...still so excited for class this Fall... Happy 4th, Judy...xo

Renee Troy said...

Judy, I know how hard you've worked to gather knowledge to pass on. It's why I'm following you. Love your work and your sweet nature. I'm a fan for life. Looking forward to all that you do.

kerri said...

Your garden looks flourishing! And beautiful. I have never used wax, but I think I would love it. :P

Caterina Giglio said...

just an awesome post... food yum and garden gorgeosity... I know a friend of mine is having great fun in your online class... you are such an inspiration...