Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quiet Days

Snow. Beautiful, fluffy, ginormous flakes; how excited we were!

I quickly located my camera and captured a few shots in the fading light.

Everything is moving so slowly. I feel like I'm under water, sounds muffled, colors distorted.

Reading novels, sweet escape, enjoying my home life, being lazy and languid like a very fat and satisfied cat.

This is a shot of our winter camellia, blooming through the snowfall. It's been blooming for several weeks; Kanjiro is the variety. Blood red and full of the promise of new life.

I've discovered a wonderful blogger named Havi. She has the wisdom.

It's been a roller coaster over here. The usual winter ups and downs. Maybe I just notice my moods more in the winter when I have the luxury of time. Very well. I'm rolling over and going back to sleep now. Wake me in time for the Maypole.


Unknown said...

i really love your art

patty said...

quiet days are good, they allow wonderful ideas to brew. Down times are a signal for me that my work is changing and something new will soon be in store.

Kristy said...

The picture of the two girls on santa's lap is priceless.

Loving looking through your journal pages.

Happy new year!!

Lynn Cohen said...

I think I actually drool when looking at your art Judy. I hope I don't get it wet.
I feel such a giddy fan.
I think I'd faint at your feet if I ever got to really meet you in person.
But I am sure thinking more and more about an Art and Soul.
And I bought some beeswax this weekend...not sure how to use it yet, but it was right next to the ecasustic paints. ;-)

milkcan said...

I've been quietly reading your blog for the past few months and enjoying all of your artful adventures! I recently started a daily art journal (as opposed to the occasional one) and it has been a terrific experience. Thank you for the inspiration to mix my diary habit with my inky fingers!

Kim Mailhot said...

I am longing for next week when the quiet time will begin for me in earnest - this week is going too fast and even though today is my wedding anniversary, I am more involved in preparing for some dear guests who arrive tomorrow than celebrating this moment ! Oh well...I will picture cozy kitty cat Judy, rolling over and settling in for a long winters nap and know that my turn is coming soon...

Enjoy the snow and the cozy, Beautiful Judy.

Meri said...

Did I say I loved the piece in Art Doll? If not, consider it said.

Tyggereye said...

Love these pages. The last woman's face is amazing. Love your work!

lulu moonwood murakami said...

wake you for the maypole? oh, for the luxury of a winter hibernation...

May you have a new year every bit as bright and beautiful as that camellia!
xoxo lulu