Monday, August 17, 2009

Art Unraveled Wrap-Up

On my third day of teaching in Arizona we combined mixed media, paint and encaustic medium plus all the wax techniques to produce this series of student work. The piece above even has grains of plant life encased in the wax.

This work has a couple of carbon transfers onto the surface of the wax.

Sometimes the students arrive with blank expressions but these women lept right to the task.

Family photographs; certainly the most meaningful of all subject matter.

This one has lace incorporated into the wax and a beautifully restrained color palette.

Kris cracked me up with her transformation of John Wayne into a gatherer of girly-girls.

And Sharon portrayed the summer goddess with her triangle of stars: Deneb, Vega and Altair.

The color palette here was soft and lovely; these pieces are so much more textural and satiny in person.

In the spirit of keeping it real I'll say that yesterday as I walked outdoors it became apparent to me that summer is waning and with that came a heavy feeling. Winter is hard for me.

This is what I'll miss during the off season. The beauty of these faces, this travel, the friendships. I feel most alive when I am sharing what I know with others.

Isn't this wonderful, with fishes and wishes and fairytale girls?

Sue kept saying, "I want to incise!" I hope she'll go home and draw into the wax. She draws eloquently.

The artist herself portrayed as the largest figure in this piece.

And a juxtaposition of images in the best collage vein; east and west, then and now.

Tissue inclusion, lace, paint and transfer.

This one was amazingly textural; layers and layers of paper and paint and then wax over all. Sumptuous and rich.

Thank you to all of the advanced and fabulous women who came to Arizona to play with me; it was a time out of time, extraordinary and enriching.


Janine said...

So when did you say you were coming to Seattle area?

Meri said...

Yes to Janine's question. And if you want to do a plaster painting workshop in the Tacoma area, I'm sure I could pull something together for you.

Angie in AZ said...

The pieces are wonderful. but for some reason,only some of them show up in the post. Where the others are suppose to be are just big white spots. Boohooo....

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

A wonderful recap. In fact, not having visited for a while, I went all the way back through your summer. You sure make it seem as though it was simultaneously creative, busy AND relaxing! :) Thanks for sharing.

Lynn Cohen said...

As always looks like day I will show up to be taught by the master!
I hope this winter will be different, and more tolerable for you Judy.

Donna Heart said...

oh judy i would so love to be in your classes at the creative soul retreat next year *sigh* but it's a fair hike from the west. i'll just continue to drool over yours and your students' art... :)

Sandy..... said...

What great pages! What a proud teacher you must be~!

Maija said...

Wow....that's the only word I can You are so inspiring to your students Judy!
I love the amazing cuff you created!!