Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Playing Hookey

I saw a little gap in my schedule and couldn't resist one more time out before my busy year of teaching and traveling begins. I'll be out of communication for a couple of weeks (no phone, e-mail or blog) - gosh, what did we do before we were all wired up to each other? Ahhhh, we read, rested, and escaped. Sounds good.

In the meantime, let me briefly touch on a few of the places I'll be teaching this coming season. Not a complete list (more at the sidebar), but a few that are taking sign-ups now.

First is a new retreat being offered by my friend Liz Elayne Lamoreux. Gathering a small group on the Oregon coast, this will be a place to quiet the spirit, listen to the ocean and to our own beating hearts. We will paint self portraits in acrylic, collage and encaustic medium, study photography with Jen Goff, build altars, do some writing and yoga with Liz and find renewal in the ocean setting.

In her words, "The Be Present Retreats were born from the belief that creating is a meditation of the soul. Each retreat is an invitation to pause in your life and gather in a supportive environment filled with like-minded individuals in a creative, playful, and meditative atmosphere." This really appeals to me and perhaps it will speak to you too.

Secondly, the new schedule is up for Portland's Art and Soul classes that will take place in October. I'm teaching 4 classes there (holy cow!) and some really good ones too. Sign-ups begin on the 15th of March. There are still some spaces in my classes at Asilomar too so there are two more good ones to check out. (Asilomar! The ocean!)

Third on the list is a place where I'll be teaching Plaster Painting for one day only in Santa Cruz, California. Plaster is a gorgeous surface and very versatile too; come and play with me and I'll send you home with a set of new painting skills that will add texture, subtlety and new options to what you already know.
There is still space in one of my classes at Squam entitled "The Play Book". Squam is not to be missed. Go and read about it. It is nothing short of magic. Even if you don't take my class you will want to attend if possible.

And finally this wonderful, wonderful adventure to Italy. We will create a sheaf of drawings and painting sketches on location in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Then we'll make plaster painting covered folders in which to house the work. We'll have cooking lessons, tours of Etruscan caves and frescoes, a wine tour, fabulous food and a fairy tale place to stay. Check it out and imagine. The thrill of a lifetime, no exaggeration.

That should keep you busy until I return. Via con Dios.

Late Edit: Oh my goodness! How could I forget Art Unraveled in Phoenix, Arizona in August? I just made my hotel reservations this morning and John is coming with me this year so I'm very excited to have my favorite traveling companion with me and am looking forward to seeing all my friends there and teaching my classes. Come and meet the gardener!! (him, not me, ha ha)

I'll tell you about Random Arts and RaeVn's Nest on my return.


Ellen Lyn said...

Your journal pages are always so friendly and inviting~I'm guessing it's you spilling on to the pages?! I hope you will share all that you come back with after your travels. Be safe and have a fun time!!
P.S. I have my VERY FIRST doll on my blog...thank YOU so much for the inspiration!!!

Stephanie Lee said...

Can you pleeeeeeeeese shove me in your suitcase!!??!! I guess I could just stare at these lovely journal pages for a vacation instead. :)
have fun!!! See you in Asilomar!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you I have also begun my first doll.. not sure how she will turn out but the adventure begins!

Kim Mailhot said...

Enjoy your reading & resting escape ! How wonderful !

I got my workshop info. from Squam the other day and was thrilled to know I will be joining you for the Translucent Layers class ! So excited ! It will be my first Squam experience and I can't wait for the magic.

Happy Hookey Time !

DS Borror said...

i will miss your presence but feel warmed by the thought that there are others during your classes you will be teaching and relishing how lucky they are to learn from you...godspeed and enjoy

femminismo said...

Good travels, Judy. Hope to see you soon, back here with pictures! Italy! Trip of a lifetime? Wow!

Unknown said...

I love this first image-amazing!

Wow! What travels and wonderful journies you have ahead of you! Wishing you all the best! I wish I could go to all of them! My best friend who lives in Italy by the sea just had a baby girl-I need to go! And, I used to live in Greece so I love anything to do with that.

My goal is to get some monotypes and new dolls started-it has been a while!
Take care,

Seth said...

You are going to be so busy Judy. And a lot of lucky people will be taking these classes!

Candace said...

Playing hookey is always fun. I did it today... my birthday! LOL. I have not done that in years!!!! Later, what do I find but a lovely journal page here and a fabulosa list of Art Shenanigans from you?! Phoenix, eh? Mmmm...
Your Correspondent in Athens

Judy said...

my Gosh woman! You are one hectic ladt - no wonder though.

Ro Bruhn said...

You're one busy lady, what a great round of venues especially Italy. We'll miss you, have a great time.

bluepoppy said...

If ever someone deserved some quiet, downtime, away from the plug-ins it is YOU, my dear!!

oh me oh my oh!

You are DEEP in this life-- so glad you know how and when to step back, breathe and replenish the well.

Bisous, E

Pretty Things said...

I ADORE the pages at the top. And I hope one day to get to Portland all the way from the East Coast to do Art and Soul -- I know there's one about three hours from here, but I want to see my friend Allegra while I'm at it. She can hold my hand, because with all the talent there, I'm afraid to try!

Anonymous said...

Im gald i head on over to your little bubble space here! Your work is amazing and wish i live close to attend some of your workshops and classes! Perhaps maybe one day just you will have an online workshop. :)

Looking forward to hear your adventures! Have a lovely merry
happy trip and take good carez!

Love to you!

Toni said...

Saturday, 02/28/09, Dispatch Marked URGENT: My Lord! but I miss you when you're gone, Ms. Judy, even though I know you're somewhere collecting goodies & thoughts & art & stories for delish upcoming posts, not to mention refreshing yourself. I keep opening up your blog with this thought pulsing in the front of my forehead: IS SHE BACK YET? IS SHE BACK YET!!

Joy Logan said...

I am still straining to read your pages,LOL!

bee shay said...

Are you BACK yet? Did you have a wonderful and happy BDAY?? Missing you and can't wait to see's just around the corner. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SWEET JUDY!!!

Anonymous said...

Judy, we can't wait to have you in Orvieto with us teaching. It is going to be stellar! You skill and the magic of Orvieto and a bit of the "dolce vita" you are off on now! Bill Steiner