Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I Can't Shut Up

I told myself not to post every day (how can I get anything else done if I do?) but I keep thinking of things to share. Like this: every time I glanced over at the new paper bag book I would see this plain brown wrapper that just didn't sing. So I decided to enhance the cover. Earlier in the week I'd printed out a picture I took of turning leaves so I glued that down and then I used my latex caulk to border the photo and write the word 'book'. Did you put something on your cover? That can be fun.

Edit: Before I squeezed on the latex caulk I put a thin layer of beeswax/damar over the inkjet photo that was printed on plain paper. That's why it looks so bright and shiney.

The second thing was that I've been making patterned paper in Photo Elements. I'll find a bit of a pattern on the net and repeat it, build on it, tweak it, change the colors, etc. I've got a whole folder full now to use. I also scanned some vintage wallpaper that Mary Ann sent me and ran that through my magic color changer. Plus you can print it in pale gray and white and then glaze over it for tone-on-tone patterns. So many ideas!!


Amy Stoner said...

I LOVE to make patterned paper in Illustrator of doodles/patterns/whatnot that I draw. So much fun. We should swap paper someday!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Your recent work has really inspired me too! We just need to keep this up and we'll both be up to our eyeballs in wax wonders! I REALLY need to make another batch of medium though...I am soooo low!

katie said...

you are a fire storm of creative energy and inspiration. thank you, THAnk yOU for sharing all you do with us. i love the paper ideas...
miss you xox

Anonymous said...

I'm going to make the book this weekend. Thanks for the great tutorial and inspiration.

And please, DON'T stop talking! Your voice and amazing talents are such sweet gifts to us...thank you.

Casey said...

I am so glad a found your blog in the Artful Blogger! Your work is amazing beyond words. You are such an inspiration (and the papers really rock!) Thank you for everything you've posted.

Anonymous said...

I love your energy and ideas!
You're everywhere too!
1st artful Blogger, then Teesha's mag and now Sommerset Studio! - You GO GIRL!!
p.s. I read your 5 good things when I was leaving mine!

Ro Bruhn said...

Judy, what fabulous papers and I love your brown paper journal. I received my copy of CPS yesterday and was very impressed with you article. Well done.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

You certainly have transformed the ordinary to extraordinary!

Christine DeCamp said...

Judy, Can I come & sit at your feet and just absorb your wonderful creative energy? It would be so much fun!
Question: You talked in a post some time ago about using modeling paste on a book cover. I started a book & put modeling paste over cardboard--I wanted a cover with a cut-out--I haven't painted over it yet--but the modeling paste is so plasticy--the cover is a little floppy. Is that just because of the properties of the modeling paste? (I have never used it before) I got sidetracked with this book....that bird book just demanded to come through. I am dying to try the brown bag book, but don't have time right now.

Lynn Cohen said...

I feel a bit voyeurish reading your journal...;-) but liked seeing you question to yourself about exercising vs diet. I think I see the words "no excuses"...I need to take those as my own.
I have gone to several stores to find Cloth Paper Scissors...I have one copy (just found it) and WANT this months! And you are in it? How great is that?
I'll try again tomorrow.
Maybe Borders got it in.
I hear you about blogging every day.
I feel compelled. But its a wonderful have to. (*self imposed of course). Sometimes I blog so much in one day I say "give it/them a rest!" But there I am back at it again. Oh boy, yet another addiction! Such fun. Who knew?

Gwen said...

I have a special project in mind for the paper bag book. I will show it when I have figured out how to put it all together.

Thanks so much for that tutorial, one of those books will be perfect for what I want to do!!

Deirdra Doan said...

Judy, Thank you so much for your encouraging words about my art. I am really enjoying your blog.

I want to take your Dec. 2 class. My husband does Christmas concerts and we have a pending date for that day. Is there still room. Could I sign up last minute? You have such a wonderful way with your painting and art. I so love it.

Where did you take encaustic? Do you know of Andrea Benson? I thought to take from her.

Hope to meet you soon

Renee said...

mmmm your patterned paper is wonderful - can't wait to try that! BTW I got my paper bags today at the grocery store to make a used paper bag journal - YIPPEE! Thanks for the inspiration!
xoxx, Renée

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Lynn said I needed to come check your blog out. Glad she did. I like what I see. It does take me awhile to get into your blog tho having dial up still. groan.

Karen Cole said...

Holy smokes...I can't keep up with you!!

Here it is, Friday evening. My poor husband is sitting watching TV himself...I am reading your blog over and over trying to catch everything I missed.

No time for me in the studio this week. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your incredible creative energy.