Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Rest of Folklife

I took so many pictures of the musicians at the festival. I am always charmed by the young ones; so serious and intent. This girl was very accomplished.

I stood and watched the dancers for a long time. These folks were doing a steamy tango. Don't you love the way people dress in Seattle? Summer dresses with pants because the weather changes so quickly.

These tasty looking desserts are actually handcrafted candles made by Angela King. She also had root beer floats, pies, cakes and donuts. Yummy!

If you need some specialty candles her email is She needs a website!

I could almost take a bite out of the pecan pie. Anyway, she gets my vote for the most unusual craft at the fair.

I like the way the bagpiper advertised his website by writing it on his arm. Thinking all the time.

This is Julie Fry and she had a booth full of fabric art that I know you all would have loved. She creates panels and cards with fabric, beads and her nimble fingers. Beautiful work. Her contact number is (206)-367-6388.

I love the booth with the colorful shoes. One way I entertain myself at art fairs when things are slow is to observe the shoes people wear. When I was a little girl I used to make shoes out of fabric and cardboard. My sister and I would clump up and down the street in our crude sandals.

And here is my most awesome find. Her name is Paula Strobel and she can be contacted at P O Box 871 in Duvall, WA 98019. She makes dolls, puppets, hats, theatres, I don't know exactly what to call it other than a fantasy world. Hey, national magazines, here is your next feature artist. She lives in the country on a farm with no computer and apparently no telephone and hasn't done an art fair for years until this one because she is busy with her family and farm animals.

So the hand-written tag she wrote out for me says she makes puppets, toys, tea cozies, pins and etcetera. Above is a hat with her logo of the flying tiger. Everything about her booth was done with great love and precision.

The flying tiger puppet. I really hope someone will do a story on her. She is not a publicity seeker so you will have to make the effort.

This gorgeous woman caught my eye. Red dreadlocks, huge wooden earrings thrust through her ear lobes, lots of hardware and sass. And those eyes. Wow.

Here are the happy campers after a hard day of listening to music and enjoying the art fair. We made new friends, sold some paintings, visited with old friends and put another year of Folklife under our belts.


kelly rae said...

i always love love love your post about your festivals. all the tats, the people, the art, and artist, and you. look at you. all smiley! love it.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Happy Campers INDEED!!!!

OK.. I REALLY need a pair or two... ummmm... or maybe THREE of those lovely painted shoes. JUDY.. I sure hope you scooped up on a pair for yourself.

AND WOWZA.. LOVE LOVE LOVE the puppet lady.. I would be going home with one of her goodie as well.

Looks like a FAB FOLKLIFE!


kelly barton art + design said... this looks like my
kind of fun!
thanks for sharing all the photos

katie said...

thank you for sharing folklife here...such a wonderful event but too many people for me so I must enjoy it vicariously through you and your photos :-)
the puppets and their maker are amazing, wow! i would love to watch her work. and you and john look happy and relaxed, you both look beautiful.... mwhaaaa to you both!!

Ro Bruhn said...

What a lovely couple you make. I'm sure we'll see the girl with the red hair in an upcoming painting, look forward to seeing it. I also used to make shoes when I was growing up, I'd cut the canvas off the top of the shoe and glue and stitch fabric in its place then tie straps around my ankles, they'd last me a month if I was lucky, but I loved them.

DJ said...

Oh, Judy! I love hearing all about the festival! The shoes... I'm sighing and dreaming. The red dreadlocks... yummm! The bagpipes... oh, I wish I could have been there! And you... you and hubby look so sweet and content.
One day, I must go to that festival!

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad you found Paula Strobel!!!!! I saw her at NWest folklife fest over a decade ago and bought several of her WONDERFUL pieces, and have googled her since, to no avail... But found your blog today! Thanks for posting. Her creations are totally amazing and I hope someone will do a story on her--I wish she had a computer, etc. because she would do well on Etsy. Oh well. Lucky and glad to have a few of her things. Thanks again!