Friday, December 15, 2006

All Is Well

Thank you, my beautiful friends (you know who you are) for your kind and loving messages. All is well. The nest is safe. Mama hen was up all night with cotton in her ears, keeping watch during the howling gale. Anxiety disorder hurts. Perhaps we are the sentrys for the race.

I feel very emotional and touched this morning by the amount of comfort that comes through the contact we can form over the internet. It is really a miracle. I do not feel alone and that is good. Thank you all again.

(this painting was done last night just as the winds began to howl. I thought if I could paint I would be distracted. It is 8x10".)


Anonymous said...

so glad the storm has passed, and that you are okay. You have painted a beautiful calm picture born out of a maelstrom of a night.
I hope you sleep easier tonight.

Holly Loves Art said...

Happy holidays, Judy. I'm thrilled to read that things are better over in your neck of the woods.

This is such a beautiful piece as is all your work. I have enjoyed visiting your blog so much this year and look forward all the wonderful pieces I know you'll create next year.

All the best to you and yours,

Deb said...

wow, judy! This piece tells us everything you went through during the storm, and how you so lovingly protected your "nest." Glad you are safe, and even able to produce such beautiful art, even in the midst of "the perfect storm." You are such an inspiration.


Laini Taylor said...

Hi Judy! Was the wind INSANE or what? Worst it's ever been in the 6 years we've lived here. Terrifying! So many tree branches down on our street, but luckily no damage. Trees are so strong! My parents, however, had one go down on their property (up by Forest Park) and lost power, which has still not been restored, 2 days later. My mom is in a panic for her spiking orchids, and keeping a fire going in the woodstove 24/7. Oy! Oh -- and you had commented on my blog that you might make a branch "Christmas tree" like mine. FYI -- Pier 1 has gorgeous long squiggly white branches in bundles, though I have a feeling you have plenty of branches right where you are. :-)

Alex S said...

oh my! This latest is one of my favorite paintings of yours-and I have a LOT of faves. How do you keep doing it??! And that storm! eek! I wondered if my windows might break. I was loving the sound of the wind and the lightning until I learned the next morning how huge and dangerous the storm had been and then I felt so sad for those who lost their lives. Glad to know you are safe and cozy painting away a storm of your own!

Anonymous said...

I recently began reading your blog site. It is impressive to meet an artist who is happy to share her artistic adventures, techniques, and talent.
However, in the past few days your regular website won't come up, rather a realtor's website, same name comes on the screen. Somewhere there is a problem. I write this in case you are not aware of the duplication of website names.
Thank you..Sharon

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog via DJ's link to you. Meant to be. You answered all the questions I have had for years and even showed me how to stretch and make my own canvases.

Every painting is a self portrait. In 2007 I will finally let go and begin painting. Thank you for the encouragement. From my heart to yours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,

I'm glad you weathered the storm okay.....things were pretty wicked here too (southern B.C.) with many trees downed and branches all over. My neighbour has a HUGE tree that i was afraid might topple over but it never did!

It's wonderful that you were able to use your art to channel some of your anxiety!!


Ricë said...

"perhaps we are the sentries for the race." i love that.