Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cook turkey or create new journal?

Oh, carumba my friends, does this happen to you? You have a house full of people coming for Thanksgiving, a huge menu to prepare, a house to clean and a list of chores to be done and then like a thunderbolt the muse is upon you like a seductive lover demanding to be wooed. Why does my best inspiration occur when I should be doing other things?

This is the new journal I put together last night when I should have been cleaning my studio for tomorrow's and Sunday's guests. First I had to put away the acrylic journal covers that were left over from the workshop. Aye, aye aye, just handling those journal covers made me want to make a journal. Really, really bad. I could not resist. You know the rest. Wet glue, hurry, hurry, feeling guilty, can't stop. My best projects go like this.

This is the back of the journal. I made a collage in PhotoElements and then printed it on a full sheet of transfer paper. Ironed that onto an old sheet (wrinkles because it was my first time and I didn't iron the sheet first because of my haste) and gelled it onto the acrylic cover.

This is what the front and back covers looked like attached to the canvas spine. The signatures will go in next. I love how rigid the acrylic makes the journal. Everything glues to it fantastically.
This view shows how the tissue I used inside and outside makes a translucent layer that shows both sides at once. Like looking through jello or encaustic. I woke up at 2 a.m. thinking the technique with the layers of tissue on acrylic was so novel that I should write it up for Cloth, Paper, Scissors but I know I have too much on my plate to do that. There is just so much you can do with acrylic panels!!
This is the inside of the covers showing the inside of the spine. Next I will sew in the signatures.
This is the spine of the finished book. I sewed a chinese coin in the upper spine (it doesn't show very well). That coin was an Artfest trade so thank you, anonymous giver, it was the perfect thing for this journal.

Oh *%$#@!!! I hear DH out in the kitchen running water while I madly type away in here. He must think I've lost my marbles to be on the computer with time running out. Wheeee, I love being an artist. Catch you later.


Diane Duda said...

Just show your guests the beautiful journal...they'll understand.

Laini Taylor said...

Judy, I love it! And do you mind if I ask how you printed onto transfer paper? Do they make it for inkjet printers and where can you get it? Sounds like that would fun to play around with. And Happy Thanksgiving! I can imagine how wonderful it must be at your place with all your husband's fresh squash and garden goodness. Cheers!

Holly Loves Art said...

Gorgeous gorgeous!!! I really love this. What an eye you have! I made a journal for a friend's birthday and just love how it turned out but because she checks my blog regularly I can't post it quite yet. She's in her 50's and has been a model dancer, actress and model her whole life the journal reflects that - I used various quotes and clips from vintage Ladie's Home Journals - what fun!

Isn't it great when the ideas just pour out and nothing else matters?

Happy holidays, Judy!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Judy: Just discovered your site and thought I'd stop in to say "hi"! I LOVE this journal! The colors, the depth and layering are perfect... BEAUTIFUL!! ~Joann