Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beach Fog

I'm blaming my foggy state of mind on the recent family trip to Pacific City. Each day there I moved slower than the previous day. Now that I am home my gear is stuck in "do nothing". I'm trying to ignore computerland until I get my speed up again. After such an all-out summer it's to be expected.

John and I playing in the sand; listening to the crashing waves, smelling the fresh, salt air, seeing the surging rollers that somehow empty the mind of all cares, thoughts, memories.

We played games and ate lavish meals.

Danced on the beach at daybreak and sunset.

Read a little.

Took long beach walks.

Ran the dogs.

Acted silly.

Emptied of all pesterments.

Safely in the arms of Mother earth. Oh, how perfect is a day by the sea.


Anonymous said...

Lovely. It's nice to have an empty mind for a while, gives one a chance to fill it up again.

East Coast is cold, cold, like
to be on your beach running with the dogs.



Anonymous said...

Time spent anywhere in nature is great, but there is something so cleansing and refreshing about time spent on a beach. Wish I could go right now!

Kim Mailhot said...

Doing nothing is sometimes the most perfect thing to do, isn't it, beautiful Judy ? Sounds like an idyllic time and definitely a recharge. May the trend continue for a little while more until you are all filled up again.
Much love !

Karen Cole said...

Woman, you know how to live. You have just described my perfect day.

anna maria said...

Looks like it was perfect indeed!

lulu moonwood murakami said...

Looks heavenly out there! Soothing, refreshing... aaahhhhhhhh!
: ) lulu

Jennifer White said...

What wonderful pictures depicting a brilliant time ... I am officially envious and will someday in the near future, get to play and take pictures on those Pacific beaches in the NW...

mary ann said...

i want to go to there.
i will bring my pesterments with me, place each in a paper ship and sail them away across the choppy sea.

And so it goes... said...

"Emptied of all pesterments"... That's what I long for! Sounds beyond wonderful... Good for you!
x0x0x deb/debbie/debra

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Sounds divine. Especially the silly bits and dancing on the beach and slowing down...