Thursday, October 08, 2009

Wax Collage Class Art & Soul

As I sized these photos to post here I delighted in the variety of expression I found. Some students chose to paint, some to use collage, some to combine both along with fabric, lace and metal. This is a great class to learn about encaustic painting as well as painting and collage. So here is the work.

Mixed media collage.

The human brain loves to combine found images and generate new ideas.

It's what we do all the time in dreams and memory.

As we switch around the images new relationships arise.

I like to think that as we work on the paintings, the paintings work on us.

They are always sending us messages about our selves.

As in dreams, we are always the central character as well as the supporting cast.

It's fascinating, really.

Of course chance enters into it too.

Just as it does in our daily lives.

I love the idea that we are co-creators with chance and coincidence.

And how later it can look like it was meant to be all along.

How little choices add up.

And make something beautiful.

That makes us feel happy.

And get's our feelings out.

As a way of communicating and sharing our experiences with others.

Thank you to all the students who came to Art and Soul to play together and to make things and to learn more about the central mystery of who we are and what we are here for. Certainly spirit means for us to play; we find such deep satisfaction in so doing. I'm taking a few days off now but I'll return soon.


lila said...

Wow! I love this post! Wonderful collages and thoughts about this process!
Enjoy your R&R!

femminismo said...

There seem to be lots of birds on heads in the dolls (prior post) and this collage work. I like it. Love the little mermaid and the shy smile of its maker. The person in another person's mouth made my tongue feel funny!! I love the last one with the head and tree/plant (?) and your comment about the brain playing with memory and images. In dreams we do change around shapes, shifting from a person into an animal into another person. You have such insight. I love that about you.

katie said...

the student work in all your classes is just phenomenal - you truly know how to inspire, teach, and create an environment where people feel safe and let their creativity flow. i'm especially touched by the collage pieces, so varied and interesting, i want to go back and look and look...have a beautiful time away, soaking up the sound of the crashing waves. miss you!

MB Shaw said...

Gorgeous work! Very interesting collage elements, lots to look at.

Clare Wassermann said...

I just think it's all amazing. I wish I didn't live an ocean away. How about an online class??

Carmen said...

I love every single piece of artwork, Perfect! and your thoughts were the cherry ;-)

Candace said...

Wow, playing catch up with you is always a joy and a blessing! These last few posts culminate in this fantastic analogy of art and life being hand in hand, working on one another and ourselves as well.

Man, oh man, the person screaming with the person in the mouth... it made me think of Zeus and Athena sort of -- that must be going on in Everyone's Dreamland. !!?!

Judy, thank you. And thank you again, Judy. I learn so much and love as much too.
Candace in Athens.

Lynn said...

The work of your students is a therapists dream. So much psyche worked on there...WOW!!!

noye studios said...

These are all lovely but I think the very last one is my favorite.

lk moonwood said...

Judy, thank you so much for posting these all together - I was wishing I could have taken photos of everyone's beautiful work, now it's all here. What a wonderful class! I LOVED it!
xox lulu

Sharyn said...

Just catching up and saying hello. Not a day goes by that I have not thought of my time at AU and being thankful for meeting you. It really did make a difference.

Looking forward to more classes with you in the future-maybe at Squam next year?

Thank you again, Sharyn :)

Paula McNamee said...

Thanks, Judy, for sharing all of your photos of students' work from your workshops. It's wonderful how you inspire so many to create and have fun with art.

RowanDeVoe said...

These pieces are amazing! Just gorgeous and I love how you posted them with the story. I love wax and this whole process. I have only done it a few times but want to do more! I have been in love with the smell of bee's wax ever since I went to an art institute in Mexico where I first did batik-there is truly something magical about it!
take care!

Anonymous said...

Such a delight to see you at A&S, Judy! It's always encouraging to see your sweet face...

Dayna Collins said...

Your students did some fabulous work! No surprise under your generous and loving guidance.