Thursday, July 02, 2009

Summer Dreams

I can't remember a lazier summer. All I want to do is be with friends, to putter on the computer or to push paint in my journal. Sure I'm getting ready to fly to Las Gatos and teach the Plaster Painting class on July 10th, am gathering my wits for that juicy bit of fun, but I'm also taking time to eat lots of watermelon and blow soap bubbles with my friends.

Remember the purple house that I wrote about before, belonging to John's cousin Jonna? Well, I shot these photos at her Birthday Party last Saturday afternoon and the house is as purple as ever.

There were lots of people, conversation, children, food (ah, barbequed everything; my favorite!) and adult beverages. Good times.

Mia is one of Jonna's grand-daughters. Aren't her feet precious in her little jellies with the pink hearts?

Our persimmon tree is in riotous bloom. I'm always surprised by the number of people who have never tasted persimmons. They are a wonderful autumn delight. We have several trees on the place now.

Here is Jonna with some of her little party goers. Years ago she was a doula and I joked to her that these were the children she delivered. While she didn't deliver these, there was one child there that she delivered (no photo of her - sorry).

Pensive moment for one of the little bubble blowers.

This is our Matilija Poppy showing off again. Dinner plate sized blooms; everyone stops and asks about them.

And the cows are all calving; here is a newcomer with panda eyes. After one birthing we counted 3 quarrelsome buzzards in the pasture cleaning up and fighting over the afterbirth. It's like living inside an episode of Animal World TV.

Gardenias blooming on my entryway. Make me happy.

Jonna on the right and her sister Tracy on the left. These two women are just as fun and witty and hilarious as their big smiles suggest; I just sit back and watch the show.

Here is a picture for anyone who needs a lift; if this little smile doesn't lighten your heart I don't know what would. The world is as good as it ever was; be grateful for life and hug a child. xo


Michelle Frae Cummings said...

what a wonderful post! and all those flowers are just lovely. I love persimmons too! Glad to see you had a great time!

Stampmaiden said...

Love love LOVE those Hydrangeas and Gardenia! Beautiful. I have them but they don't bloom like that out here in SO CA! Oh, and there's a purple house in my hood that rivals the one in your post. I'll have to sneak a pic of it. Or would that be "wrong?" LOL!

rebecca said...

persimmons...lanterns glowing in the arms of trees..
like eating light.slippery orange light.
lovely happy remember-to-be-in-the-moment post.


mary ann said...

oh judy wise i've said it before i'll say it again, i love the way you love the world. yes i do. really and truly.

femminismo said...

The poppies are extraordinary and the pensive bubble blower is too! She looks straight from an Old World Master's painting, except for the dress. Lovely eyes. thanks for the pictures - as always.

Clare Wassermann said...

It looks heavenly. Thank you for inspiring me to start journalling x ( I didn't even know it was a verb before!!)

DS Borror said...

gosh those hydrangeas are HUGE!! i have one wee bush on the side where i can't even see if but the only place safe from the FL lovely and warm the house is..
the big flower is about a post about your sounds huge and wonderful but hard to picture it in my mind!

Carolyn said...

beautiful post! the house, the children, Jonna.... what a wonderful place! love it!

Deb's Artful Journey said...

Ok Judy, I am bringing bubbles to our 7/10 class!


Anonymous said...

that just about sums it up.. take time to blow bubbles and hug a child.

In the absence of children, to which I am allergic, the dog gets hugged a lot.