Saturday, July 12, 2008

July Love

Saturday, July, sunshine, friends, mail art, procrastination, feeling good. That's the list for today. Blessed with kind people in my life. With work to do and rest at the end of the day. It's good and I am grateful for the season with all of it's joys and challenges.

Yesterday I received a piece of mail art that made me cry. I have a hard time accepting gifts. I picture the beautiful sender putting something together just for me and it puts me over the top. I am humbled.

Melanie and I met 2 years ago at Artfest at the evening bonfire where I was blown away by her heartfelt and brilliant journal pages. She made an instant and deep impression. Thank you dear Melanie. You have an admirer - no, you have many admirers, I am certain.

Last night we visited John's cousin and her husband who live in this fabulous purple cottage. Jonna is also a talented collage artist and maker of books who has decorated her house so sweetly. Pretend this is my house, okay? Pretend I have the energy and talent to have created this.

Sweet John and his talented cousin Jonna. Mmmmm, she cooks too and works a difficult job all day. Another jewel of a human being; contributing to society by being a model Granma, mom and wife. Women rock!!

The blue hydrangeas are blooming in Portland. We will bow to their awesome blueness.

Behold the gorgeous farmer. Behold the goddess cousin.

Hey Emma, for another nickle she could have had purple!

John went to the farmer's market this morning and came home with beautiful organic cherries and apricots. He reported that the farmers are getting a pretty penny for their efforts and I replied that there's no one I'd rather see fairly reimbursed than a hard working organic grower.

I sincerely hope July is favoring you with some green and joyful days. Happy Birthday to all the Leos.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to all the Cancer's too! :)

The Hydrangea has my heart and my "Annabelle's" are blooming in full force! Heaven!!

Susan Tuttle said...

What an incredible house - love the purple - so strong, so funky!

What a special piece of mail art to treasure.


Candace said...

I really like this post, Judy, esp the gorgeous farmer and goddess cousin remark. Wow, is that house purple or is she just making do until she can get the right hue? Lovely lovely folks and and a sweet art mail, too! Good on you all!

Anonymous said...

Jonna & John & BLUE hydrangeas AND a purple cottage? NO WAY.
I'm in love.
Oh beautiful summer, roll out your splendor
and feed it to EVERYONE.

Anonymous said...

oh- now I want a purple house...

Julie said...

Ooh Thank you for the Happy Birthday! That's me this month a Leo!

I love your friend's house, she looks a lovely lady

alex s said...

You have captured summer so beautifully dear Judy. Candles, cherries, and love all set against blue hydrangeas. Somehow it makes me feel like none of it has passed in the rapid march of time and happenings.

I absolutely adore you.

Heather, said...

what a perfect, purple cottage...yummy! thank you for sharing the beautiful images and yes, hats off and money out to those hardworking organic farmers!

Anonymous said...

Judy, you humble me by adding photos of my house and myself to your blog! We had such a lovely visit! It's always wonderful to share time with my favorite cousins! Blessings --- Jonna

Rhonda said...

I love this house!


It takes serious creative balls to paint your house purple, and serious talent to make it look sooooo heart stopping gorgeous! My hat is off to Jonna.