Monday, April 20, 2009


What is strange and lovely and lives in a pine box?

What has skin covered with colorful designs and a dress of felted wool?

Who has a face you can read like a book; an expression of permanent sweetness?

Why my little handmade doll, Breezy, gift of Miss Katie, maker of dolls and sunshine. She is approximately a foot tall and every time I look at her I smile. Thank you Katie, for the joy you sprinkle this way and that as you make your way through the world.


mary ann said...

one of the great pleasures of life: to have friends that love us and SEE us.
that's one sweet missus that's come to live with you!

katie said...


Candace said...

Oh how delightful! Now that katie is really something anyway, but this takes the prize! Enjoy.

Candace x

misty Mawn said...

i love her & all of her sweetness!!!!
katie makes such beauty, doesn't she!

where is the monkey????

rebecca said...

...a face you can read like a book, and permanent sweetness....
my sweet darling,


Judy said...

I love reading about your amazing friendship with Katie - its so nice. The doll is gorgoeus.

Anonymous said...

oh a ton of cuteness but still quirky enough so as to be edible..