Saturday, April 18, 2009

IEA Meeting & Karl's Cupcake

Just a quickie run-through of the meeting at Andrea's last night. In the first photo Natasia is flambe-ing some marshmallow chicks for some wacky kind of Easter S'Mores. Encaustic artists carry their propane torches everywhere!

Three photos of the attendees. I think I counted 14 of us gathered in Andrea's beautiful studio.

You can barely see the bottom portions of Andrea's latest work. I can't rave enough about her work, technique and knowledge of the art of encaustic.

Plus her studio is a reflection of her disposition; organized, methodical, spare and elegant. *sigh*. Maybe in another lifetime.

This is Amy Stoner's encaustic dessert. She has a blog here.

Andrea's piece.

And now for the piece de resistance; Karl's Cupcake. Oh my cheese and crackers, I just about picked it up and took a bite before I realized it was 100% wax. That's right, plate, cake, icing and candle; WAX. He gets my trophy. Check it out.

Hand dipped candle. Comes right out of the cupcake.

Cupcake formed on a wooden base. And yes, the plate is wax too. When I searched for a link to Karl I discovered he has a new (to me) blog too (go here now!) where he shows beautiful photos of his studio and some of his wax techniques. Right away it solved a problem I've had with getting my wax to pop out of the muffin tins; he cleverly uses silicon cupcake papers. Let's go shopping. So thank you Karl, well done!!


Cheryl Prater said...

Yummy wax, Judy. fyi the link to Amy's blog had an error in it. I found it and snooped around but you might want to fix it for other people who aren't so nosy and OCD. : ) xoxox

Candace said...

I would have gone right for the cupcake too. lol. Thank you for sharing the meeting with us all. Went to Karl's blog and all I can say is wow!

Candace x

Amy Stoner said...

Wow, I am glad that my art looks cuter than the photo of myself looks like! Why can't I be just a TAD more photogenic! :) Thanks for sharing all the wonders of the meeting, plus Nat's torch excitement, as I missed that!

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here amazed as I thought it was a yummy edible. Now I'm hungry...