Friday, October 24, 2008

More Cedarburg

I cant seem to quit you, Ennis. Oh wait. That was something else. Okay, so I'm back at the blog. You must wonder if I ever do anything else. But I had a few additional thoughts. Like you might like to see the angel I photographed in the graveyard at Cedarburg. Jill Berry has the story behind it on her blog.

Jill's the teacher that took a group of us out on Sunday morning to make rubbings on the street and in the graveyard. She had the fancy wax rubbing sticks and everything. She knew where the good stuff was located because she'd taken her class out on a recon to get to know Cedarburg in depth.

Jill teaches book arts and they made books of their Cedarburg experiences. With plat maps and all kinds of local evidence. What a great class that was and Jill is an excellent and very fun teacher. I got to see one of the finished books and it made me wish I'd gotten to walk the town too and make such a lovely souvenir of my stay.

This is a photo she took of me on the bridge holding Little Debbie in my hand. hee hee. What a beautiful fall day it was. (that story is on Jill's blog too.)

And here are a couple of shots from the party on Thursday night before the classes started. People having fun. Always a good way to start the event.

Kim provided us with quills and ink and we doodled in our own and in the booklets of our friends. (Michael de and Jill Shulse above). Of course we are only drinking energy drinks.

Here is a window I shot in town and altered a bit to use in my journal. You can snag it too if you like it and use it in yours. I'm going to put a face in the window maybe or something else. Maybe cut the opening out so you can see what's on the page behind it. Fun.

Thank you to Kim, to Cedarburg (such lovely people), to all who attended. I can't stop thinking about you and about the wonderful time we had together. Each moment of life is sweet and unique. We must shine while we can.


Allegra Smith said...

From the people to Michael, who looks as if he has some of la Fée Verte (I am thinking of another photo of his where he looks just like this one LOL) for his "energy", to you holding little Debbie, to your generous offer to pinch your window to the glorious color of that silver maple, the whole view from here is one of joy and sharing that is sweet water for any thirsty spirit.

But so are you. Love you, have a wonderful, safe, filled with the same joy you so generously spread around trip to Mexico. Pomegranate lavender margaritas when you and John are back will be waiting.

Kim Rae Nugent said...

The window looks very familiar. I plan on printing it out for a hide and seek journey the next beautiful day I am in Cedarburg.

femminismo said...

Thanks for the window. I'll put it to good use. And I enjoyed "Little Debbie." She looks just a little bit bigger than the Little Debbie snack cakes. Ooh, yum yum, Debbie! Good with a cup of tea, Judy. - love, Jeanne

Candace said...

We can't quit you either, Cowgirl, thanks to these divine posts and sharings. It was like we were there with you...

Thank you, Judy. And I do love the photo of you and Little Debbie. And WOW, that tree is ready for next Friday, isn't he?

Take care and have a great week.

Joy Logan said...

Thanks for the window Judy! I am still straining to read your journal pages...darn it! Most of my pages I can't put on line,wayyyyy to personal.

Chris said...

I'm taking the window!

I didn't know energy drinks came in shot glasses... but why not?