Sunday, October 26, 2008


Say hello to my good friend Wilhemina who ate insects and died (made by Sue Hadden). Another ooky skelly to add to my collection. I also gave one to my beloved friend of 30+ years, Sky. Her birthday is in October so we have an excuse (like we needed one) to get silly.

We went to a restaurant named La Calaca Comelona on SE Belmont here in River City and boy, was the food yummy.

This is how I always think of Sky. She and I get together and do nothing but laugh like two immature teenagers. May it always be so. Happy Birthday, heart of my heart. Many returns.

My studio playmates came for a visit yesterday so we visited the vacas.

And then did some painting and rubber stamping together. We also picked grapes, visited the pigs and goats and enjoyed a repast of mexican food. It was splendid.

Happy Halloween until we meet again. (This Calavera de Catrina is painted on the walkway in from of the aforementioned restaurant. I stuck my foot in there for scale.)

P.S. For all you RaeVn's Nesters who admired my handbag; the seamstress is Liz Elayne, not Lizzie Lane although that would be a great name for a handbag business too. She can be found here.


Joy Logan said...

I have seen so many talented sidewalk arts,so sad it is temporary. Looks like you had a blast! Whats in the martini glass??? Looks yummy.

Kel said...

Stunning skellies!

Heather, said...

Feliz Dia de los Muertos...and, yes, may it always be so that you laugh and have a twinkle in your eye, my dear! xo

Jane B. said...

Looks like a wonderful day was had by all - and liked the martini too!

Karen Cole said...

Hi Judy,

Just checking in to see what you are up to. Where in the world is Judy Wise? never a dull moment. Always inspiring.


Anonymous said...

Drool, thanks for sharing a hot food tip! I'll be checking it out,lol. Come see the Dios de Los muertos @ Guardino's when you get back it's shaping up to be a neat event for pdx.
steph b

the camp said...

laughing...the very best therapy.
so glad you had a grand time.

Lynn said...

What fun this all the children making art especially.

Susan Tuttle said...

I love your spooky collection! A girl after my own heart! What a fabulous time you and your friend had -- that food is making me salivate. What a gorgeous painting on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant -- and a very nice green shoe by the way.

Big hugs!


Laurie Mika said...

Hi Judy,
Wonderful pictures of our good time in Cedarburg! You were a great roomie. Have a blast in Mexico..... Hasta luego,

Chris said...

Love that skelly, and isn't it great to have friends for so long and share so much with them! Just relaxing and letting yourself be crazy and silly for awhile. I love that.

trisha too said...

Everyone needs a laugh-like-teenagers friend!

Happy Halloween to you, too!


Judy said...

hello Wilhemina

femminismo said...

Hope you're doing OK. Things have been quiet here for a while. Maybe you are taking a well deserved rest. I haven't been able to take much time either since last Sunday, so I should talk! (not) - jeanne

alex s said...

So glad to see that the Bone Man is well fed! :-) Bugs are the best thing for you when you're feeling peckish.

Miss you. (xo)

Toni Curtis said...

My goodness, I feel as if i've been on vacation. I love the photos and your visual journal work is wonderful. I hope you don't mind I tagged you and added you to my blog. Toni